The Mythical Corruption of the Bible

As one participated in between confidence discourse with Arab Muslims, I’m much of the time got some information about the supposed defilement of the Bible. This fantasy is generally maintained in Islam, notwithstanding the reasonable difficulty of something like this. In reality, the actual Quran bears witness to the difficulty of any defilement of the Bible.

I’m blamed for strict synchronism now and again. That is, a charge that I endeavor to synchronize the Bible and the Quran in some heartfelt mix of another religion, ‘Chrislam’, maybe. Nothing could be farther from reality. I just utilize the Quran as an extension to Christ and the Bible. That is all. I don’t direct Quran studies, and I don’t invest a ton of energy examining minute subtleties of the Quran or Islam with Muslims. The Quran is basically an extension. I don’t rest on or under spans, I assist men with crossing them.

Keep in mind, Islam guarantees that the Bible was defiled, not the Quran. What does the Quran really say? We should examine two straightforward sections.

O ye who accept! Have faith in Allah and His Apostle, and the sacred text which He hath shipped off His Apostle and the sacred writing which He shipped off those previously (him). Any who denieth Allah, His holy messengers, His Books, His Apostles, and the Day of Judgment, hath gone the distance, far off track. S. 4:136

This refrain is very enlightening. Alright, I seeĀ  My brother’s keeper meaning that it says to have confidence in Allah and “His Apostle”, who Muslims by and large accept is Muhammad. Alright. This is the case at any rate, is it not? What I’m keen on the remainder of the stanza. The part that educates Muslims to have faith in “the sacred text which He shipped off those previously (him).” All Muslims concur that this alludes to the previous blessed books of Moses, David, Isaiah, others, and above all, the Injil (Gospel) of Jesus. So where does the debasement of the Bible come in?

At the point when I share this single section with Muslims they perpetually raise the debasement of the Bible. What do I do? Generally I notice other Quranic refrains which teach exactly the same thing, however not before completely extracting reality from this section. Notice what the last 50% of this refrain says. Muslims should have confidence in His books.

Another stanza I generally quote is comparable to the supposed defilement of the Bible is Sura 6:114-115.

Say: “Will I look for judge other than Allah? – when He it is Who hath sent unto you the Book, made sense of exhaustively.” They realize beyond any doubt, to whom We have given the Book, that it hath been sent down from thy Lord in truth. Never be then of the individuals who question. The expression of thy Lord doth track down its satisfaction in truth and in equity: None can change His words: for He is the person who heareth and knoweth all. S. 6:114-115

Not very many Muslims really contend with sections from the Quran. This one is no special case. Notice, Allah sent the Book. The Book was sent in truth. They are not to uncertainty it. The Word of Allah is truth and equity. Lastly, and in particular, nobody can change His words! Did you get that? None can change the Word of God.