How to Increase Weight Loss With Water

We’ll go to great lengths to try to lose fat. We sweat, we toil, we even starve ourselves even though we know deep down starving is one of the worst things we can do to trim the chub.

But there is one thing we can all do to increase our weight loss, and it’s really simple too, yet it’s completely overlooked a great deal of the time. That thing is “Super Hydration”.

Super Hydration is a process of keeping the body well hydrated throughout

the day by drinking large quantities of ice-cold water. The Super Hydration concept is one developed in most recent years by fat loss expert Dr. Ellington Darden. This practice is based on two main points.

To burn fat effectively your body needs water, and plenty of it! Fat is mobilised out of your system by the liver and one of the liver’s jobs is to help the kidneys out when they’re not working at full steam. Problem is the kidneys need plenty of water to get the job done. If the liver is helping the kidneys, it’s not devoting all its energy to doing its own job. Net result, you burn less fat.

And it’s not just your kidneys. Muscles are over 70% water. Even slight dehydration will affect your body’s performance, in and out of the gym.

Water also carries out several other very important functions in the body, for example:

– It acts as a coolant by regulating the body’s temperature, and removing excess heat through sweat

– It acts as a lubricant to the joints and between internal organs

– It acts as a solvent to water soluble vitamins

– It helps keep skin clear and healthy

– It aids digestion of food in the stomach and the digestive tract

– It aids flushing the body of waste materials

All good reasons why drinking water is good for you. Let’s now look at shark tank weight loss drink some of the symptoms of not drinking enough water.

– Headaches

– Lethargy, weakness

– Muscle cramps

– Dark yellow urine

– Dizziness

– Poor skin tone

The list goes on.

Want to know a neat trick to burn more fat? Drink your water cold. Water has no calories, and when you drink it cold, your body has to heat it up to core body temperature. Just drinking two litres of ice cold water per day can burn an extra 740 calories per week. Double it to four litres and you’re now burning over 1450 calories per week without even trying.

So get into the habit of drinking more water now by keeping a bottle on your desk or close by where you work.

Do note at first you’ll be peeing like a racehorse as you get used to the increased intake. But after a week or so your body will get used to it and you’ll go a lot less often. Nevertheless, try to time your water intake so you’ve finished drinking by 7pm. That way you won’t have an interrupted nights sleep!