AZA Steroids Hair Loss Treatment

Managing Alopecia

Aza Steroids are often the drugs of choice when managing Androgenic Alopecia, the medical name for baldness or hair thinning. This is one of the commonest problems that affects men as well as women and could well begin with a gradual receding hairline in men, followed by thinning of the hair in the region of the crown. This is commonly known as male or female pattern baldness.

The choice of options for managing the symptoms of baldness, with medication is often found in the use of Aza Steroids of the likes of ‘Propecia.’ There are primarily 4 – Aza Steroid medications.

However there are some risks – in spite of a high degree of efficacy the Aza Steroids should only be used by men and are not recommended for women and children at all.


While Aza Steroids could well be highly effective in men – it is one product that is strongly contraindicated in women, more so in pregnant women. This is because when women who are pregnant ingest or absorb the active ingredient of this 4 Aza Steroid medication it can leading to deformities in the sex organs of the baby!

This evidence proves that females within the reproductive period must  Steroids Alternative never use 4 Aza Steroid medications. So it is advocated that women who are pregnant or alternatively have the potential for childbirth must neither ingest these tablets nor should women handle them!

Statistics indicate that side effects are merely two percent and are invariably commoner in males as compared to the females!

The normal healthy male taking 4 Aza Steroid medications may demonstrate a lowered sexual drive, and difficulty in achieving an erection, and in addition to this is the lowered secretion of semen. When ingested in higher doses – as is the norm when the compound is used in treating enlarged Prostrate glands in males – side effects could be more severe – like swelling of the lips and breast enlargement.

Conclusively then 4 Aza Steroid medications would need to be used with caution considering that the therapeutic advantages may be neutralized by the side effects in some instances!

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