He finally committed suicide by falling on his own sword.

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I told him I'd finish up here.

That's a really provocative question.

I took Juliane's umbrella by mistake.

There are a lot of children playing tag on the playground.

"How many times did you kiss him?" "Just once."


Himawan didn't take it personally.

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My experience of the world would be much shallower without the ability to communicate in lots of languages.


Lila won't be at home tomorrow.

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This is the first time I've ever pruned this plum tree.

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I was so sorry to hear about your wife.

Perhaps you've made a mistake.

You look like a sad panda.


I think it's a fantastic idea.

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I think she is kind.

"Straka is a bad person." "In what way?"

A person like that would have no trouble getting elected president.


She regards him as her master.


Rick meant it as a joke, but nobody laughed.


The chances are he will be able to win a Nobel prize.

Bernard must decide.

She would prefer that I take the bus.

What kind of business are you in?

She's a fast thinker.

Dan didn't even kiss Linda.

Catherine appears to be uncomfortable.

Let me put this in perspective for you.

She always has such glowing youthful skin.

He pretended that he was a lawyer.

I don't get enough challenge in this job.

For whom do the bells toll?

Martyn is a good-looking young man.

I don't want to lie any more.

Why did the lawyer lose in the argument?

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It's my money.

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I believe that he'll do fine.

I'm trying to lose weight.

The report checks with the facts in every detail.

This is good.

Erik couldn't find anyplace decent to rent.

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Jane grew taller than her mother.

I found out that he was a pimp.

Everyone thinks Hitoshi married Lucius for her money.


What's there to say?

Horses are easily spooked.

You've got to do it now.

If you hadn't interfered, we wouldn't have had any problems.

Cathrin doesn't want to be my friend. She thinks that she's too cool for me.

The muddy track descends to a valley.

Alexander isn't accustomed to doing that.

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She made friends with him in Boston.

This was my fault.

Thereupon he let the cat out of the bag.

I need to know why you weren't here yesterday.

Did Kent tell you what happened?

I think that he is as he should be.

I have ice cream in the freezer.


We've got our futures to think about.


I had my photo taken on the shore of the lake.

Water spouted from the broken tap.

Their loss is our gain.

Pia knows more about economics than most people do.

That is just typical of him.


She likes nobody and nobody likes her.

Feel free to disagree, Matt.

Give me all your money.

Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't do it.

Open the chest.

Tommy and Janet walked along the shoreline, admiring the sunset.

Konrad couldn't figure out what Penny was talking about.

Do stop talking and listen to the music.

Clear away the table things.

Tomorrow I will pick grapes.

Is it hard to fool you?

Can you make it before the deadline?

Make everyone feel at ease.

We could not convince her of her mistakes.

I was warned.

Would you like to come in?

That's silly.

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Horses used to pull road-rollers, but the steamroller arrived with the invention of the steam engine.

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Jean was wearing an orange jumpsuit and his hands were cuffed in front of him.


The wedding photos are very clear.


Do what needs to be done.

He will certainly be punished.

I don't consider my myopia as an impediment.

Aren't you a doctor?

This is not fun.

It's an established fact.

Listen to me, OK?

Let's get some coffee.

He got up late, so that he missed the bus.


What impressed you the most?


I didn't get anything for him.

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It's easy to respond to that question.

I did everything I was told to do.

Nicholas won't speak to me.

Elliott plays basketball well.

I just wish it wasn't so expensive.

He is as tall as his father.

We studied more than 800 Chinese characters.

I love Kabyle cooking.

What did you smoke?

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This is my latest review.

Dirk regrets telling Bryan his telephone number.

Dan couldn't believe that Linda could do something that dumb.

We're out of bullets.

I can't believe what I'm hearing here.

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Did you shoot them?

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I think it's time for us to start getting ready.

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I really want to spend some time alone with Gilles.

I believed him to be in good health.

They all died.

She wanted to hurry home.

Even the sun popped out from behind the clouds.

Daren is going to regret it.

I beat them.

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I like your earrings.

The village was isolated by the flood.

Can I see you a moment?


Maria dozed off during the meeting.


I've already tried three different approaches.


I have enjoyed reading this novel a lot.


We got a good price for that.


I've never seen such a thing in my life, not once!


I decided to leave the hotel.

He is ten years senior to you.

That's why we moved back to Boston.

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Ken makes his own bed every morning.

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He caught me by the hand.


Don't kid yourself. You couldn't afford to buy a house like this.

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He became more and more famous as a critic.

My mother told us an interesting story.

I'm completely deaf.


I've got better things to do with my time.


This year's harvest will fall short of that of last year.

Tareq said he didn't know who to give it to.

I'm thirty-four.

There were a number of reasons for this accident.

He smokes like a coachman and drinks like a Cossack.

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I believe he is an intelligent person.

Judith doesn't know whether to believe Douglas or not.

The European fuel protests of 2000 were an excellent example of what will happen when we are deprived of our petrol and a salutary warning.


We are all eager for world peace.


Law is on my side.

Heidi is often late for appointments.

Don't thank me yet.


He got up the courage to ask her to marry him.


Do you really want to sell your guitar?

That is worth three hundred dollars.

Did Michelle say why he gave it to you?