We hope Hirofumi will do what we've asked him to do.

The decanter is still half full.

It was exciting for me to go to the capital for the first time.

He saw her and blushed.

They needed to trade with them for food.

I'm not used to having people question my decisions.

Syria will not return to what it was.

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Irfan drove straight to school.

Her behavior struck me as silly.

We don't have much.


Molly and I went to the cinema.

I knew Pitawas didn't do that.

I'm not letting Linley go.

After lying down for a short while, my stomach ache calmed down.

I haven't seen that movie yet.

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We have to talk to her.

They are crazy about jazz.

Americans, in general, don't like to dress up.

We've got it all worked out.

That was my finger.

I think you shouldn't invite Cyrus to your party.

Jesse spread the big map on the table.


I support your comments wholeheartedly.

Sridhar will fight it.

He was an indolent man, who lived only to eat, drink, and play at cards.

Galen has to speak French every day at work.

So this is what homesick feels like.

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I'm going to die, and I want you to stay here with me.


You leave because of me.

How about a smoke?

Why do you have such a negative approach to life?

There are many examples of beauty.

On Friday evenings, a group of us with spouses working overseas meet at Chuck's Bar and Grill.

I did not understand.

I can't afford to play tennis.

I knew it was too good to be true.

No one saw me.

Never again would she be curious about the city.

What did you have for dinner?

I haven't been to Boston yet.

I used to make pretty good money playing music.

I sort of doubt it.

Have you been on an express train recently?

Is he feeling better today?

Do you agree or disagree?


Can I get you guys drinks?

Firstly, it is a matter of justice.

He's a bad ass.


What happened freaked him out.

Why did you come in here?

Do you have a nail file?

I'm familiar with this subject.

Ned seems to be angry.

I won't be pressured into doing something I don't want to do.

Come back again when you finish your medicine.

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There are men who enjoy being punished.

I put handcuffs on him.

I thought David was in danger.


Let's assume you're right.


When did Kenn tell you?

I'm glad you're over your cold.

It was too great a coincidence.

Is this legal?

Oscar was very disappointed.

I am very happy in Georgia.

Piet crossed his fingers.


The ingenious boy won a prize for his invention.

Marsha shook Roger's hand.

Many of the buildings were destroyed in World War II.

Have you guys seen them today?

There's no place like home.

Gill will probably be late for work this morning.

When did Alison come see you?

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This is really wonderful!

How would you help Rodney?

I'm going to stay for another day or two.

They asked him.

Great pains but all in vain.

You walk on and I'll catch up with you later.

If you do that, Mwa will get angry.


We sang for her.

I have a lot of confidence in you.

My mom bought me this toy when I was 8.

How fast did Spike run?

You are supposed to hand in the homework by the end of the week.

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It's going to be hard.


Don't tell Ronni what really happened.

How are you? Good? Bad?

I've got three hours to find Konrad.

I didn't go to school because I was sick.

When can we start?

I'm in Boston.

We're trying to save money.

I'm better than you.

He'd been in Kyoto twice.


Why would Nick think that?

Outsiders make Willie nervous.

Christina is banging on the front door.

Vilhelm said he didn't mean to hurt you.

He was my good friend.

The human soul is built such that a lie works upon it a hundred times better than the truth does.

She made a bet with him.

What a lovely doll that girl has!

They tried to use an iron bar to pry open the lock.

It took him ten minutes to solve the problem.

Are the elevators working?

Pedro came out from behind the curtain.

He left a while ago.

Scott was a contemporary of Byron.

Is it possible to succeed without any act of betrayal?

She's a talented writer.

Lorenzo bought an expensive car.


I met Tanaka in the library on Monday.


Kit has been behaving like a baby.

The plan was approved in its entirety.

I was anxious for a new word processor.

Has anyone noticed that in Esperanto grammars they never talk about punctuation?

No, I was at home!

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Shall I have him call you?

Look, what a nice team!

I'm not too concerned about it.

Let's go Dutch today.

Women have beauty, but do books not also have beauty?

You're a bad father.

That would help me decide.

Depression is a period marked by slackening of business activity, widespread unemployment, falling prices, and wages, etc.

Lea turned and saw Jochen looking at him.

How many hours of sleep do you get every night?

The honeymoon's not over yet.

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Will this affect me?

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Don't meddle in other people's affairs.

Rogue hasn't been living here long.

The only place Sri has ever wanted to live is Boston.


The Arabs lived across the Arabian Peninsula before the birth of Islam.

Jeanette put some salt on his eggs.

I love watching birds.

He'd like to talk to you for a moment.

Rick gave me that book.


Later that night, Paola told Mahesh what had happened.

The man awakens the boy.

The story seems to be true.

Well, no one invited me.

Christofer filled out the job application form.

A lot of people buy lotteries dreaming of wealth at one stroke.

Olaf called Rajesh an idiot.

He had served as a congressman and senator.

How did you get hurt so badly?

It's important to help people who are in trouble.

The song is familiar to us.


This is a spotted dog.


They executed Norm.

This president's son has no education and has never worked.

I saw her yesterday morning.


What's the number?

The guys working on your car don't seem to know what they're doing.

This rain coat comes in all sizes.


I'm not looking for a partner.

If Hughes wants to go, I can't stop him.

Help me get dressed.

We're being cautious.

She went ballistic when I said that.


I read it in some book.

I was in a bad mood.

Soft music is often conducive to sleep.

Hi. If I'm not mistaken, you're our new neighbors, aren't you?

That's an open secret.

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The peace we have today is the result of lengthy peace talks.

He does not know English, not to mention German or French.

That's a waste of time and money.