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We combine our proven influencing and negotiation process with commercial psychology and human behaviour

Negotiation Courses & Consulting in the UK

ENS International – The business world’s best kept secret for negotiation courses, training and consulting. ENS International negotiation courses take place in London and other cities within the UK. Exclusively focused on negotiation we build best practice negotiating and influencing into your organisation’s natural behaviour.

If you or your teams are looking to gain a greater understanding of your own and others’ behaviour, and know how to adapt to the negotiation situation you are in, you are in the right place. Whether that negotiation is with people within your own organisation or external parties, the unique and proven ENS International Negotiation Process Methodology will enable you to master the art of successful negotiation.

Founded on commercial psychology and human behaviour our work is focused on getting our clients their best possible outcome (both hard objectives [quality, cost, time] and soft objectives [relationship, willingness, attitude]).

Our process framework ensures that you take the other parties’ needs into account, but will enable you to influence them to choose your pre-defined preferred option as the outcome. This will be perceived as a win-win, but you will get more of what you want because you designed the preferred outcome.

The ENS International methodology is based on science – it’s a psychological model with neuroscience elements. It’s fascinating, enlightening and will change the way you think and act.

It’s a transferable skill too – you can apply the techniques in your personal life as well as in your professional career. Our philosophy centres on empowerment – we can train you and your teams to have the edge to confidently influence, persuade, negotiate and resolve. We teach this in our negotiation courses, (562) 650-9034 and consultancy. 

Return on Investment with us is guaranteed. We help develop the crucial influencing skills that are needed to negotiate effectively in today’s fast paced world. We train and coach individuals and organisations around the world to systematically plan and develop effective strategies that will improve their results and provide skills development. It’s proven. (Read some of our client’s 6506839944 and find out more about why hundreds of big name organisations and forward-thinking SME’s use ENS International.) The ENS International range of services includes:

Contact us to find out how ENS International can help your organisation. Our 3145279352 are often held in London, but our In-House Negotiation Training and Consultancy is carried out across the UK.

I now appreciate that there is a very natural and systematic approach that will make me more successful and build better relationships too. The biggest difference is around separating the process from the content of the negotiation, as well as how much influencing is done before and after you are around the table. The ENSI framework is excellent.

James Hartley

International Trade Development, 609-473-5145



I am applying what I gained from this course every day. It’s not just the process and planning skills, but also the techniques to use when you are in a live negotiation situation. I closed two deals today using the techniques I learnt!

This is the best and most important course I have been on in ten years. There will be a rapid payback without question. Definitely worth 2 days out of the office. I thought I was a good negotiator before going on the course but this has taken it to a whole new level.

Rob Holman

Account Manager , Kogo Limited

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