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Advent 2012: God's Victorious Light

Advent can open us to new life and new possibility, if we have the patience for its unfolding. Join CREDO faculty member, priest, and author Brian Taylor during this Advent season for a quiet moment of morning reflection—or build a Advent series in your church or community around Brian's short reflections. Advent 2012: God's Victorious Light are offered in text and audio, and a facilitator's guide is available with all the reflections (printer-ready) in advance. Find the series and the sign-up process, or just listen each day, here.

The Advent series Adviento 2012: La Gloriosa Luz de Dios is also offered in Spanish. To enroll, please sign up to receive email notification for the Gaudium CREDO blog here.





The foundational eight-day CREDO Conference and now new six- and seven-day conferences invite participants to focus on four areas of comprehensive wellness.

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Our people, partnerships, and history all contribute to the CREDO mission, spirit, and process.

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