All you have to do is wash the dishes.

When should I return the car?

Linda seemed a little surprised.

Clearly you're not interested.

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Last year, I traveled to Japan.

You don't have to go in there.

It got about that Jackye has proposed to Everett.

She was a tall, slender blonde.

Fritz didn't want to bother Matthias while she was studying.


I have no knowledge of that question.

Greg has a funny way of laughing, doesn't he?

How much was it?

Our car was a total loss after the accident.

My father is happy when he sees his traits in me.

I'm afraid that I've caused a slight disturbance.

How well do you know him?

I just run.

I'll never betray you.

The agitator is inclined to exaggerate trivial matters.

It's best if you can read the source material before seeing a movie.

I'm glad you got to meet Gil.

You sort of hinted that you wanted me to ask you out.


The volcano has become active again.

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I want this luggage taken to my room at once.

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Do you get on with your friends?

Do you really think it's necessary?

I claimed damages against him.


Theodore wrote his name on the cover of his notebook.

Do you have any good ideas on what I should name my horse?

I wonder whether he'll make it here on time tomorrow. Want to bet a can of juice on it?

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I'll get them to listen.

The train is passed the switch.

Could you please wait just a moment for us? Then we'll go with you.

I have no reason not to do what Charlie asked me to do.

I think you should tell your parents that we're married.

Do you want to have lunch with me?

Your pantlegs are too long - you'll probably trip.

Here's the plan.

The children are afraid of her.


Mommy, may I go swimming?


I want to speak to you for a moment.

Every Sunday, Takashi loves to adjust his car's engine.

Pyramid scams depend on the recruitment of new investors to participate, but the numbers of people who must join to support the expanding pyramid grow so quickly that the pyramid inevitably collapses.

This is a really nice watch.

We met a traffic jam on the way.

I need to focus.

There is a map on the desk.

Sean hesitated before answering.

Try to be moderate in drinking.

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Would you like to walk to the station with me?


Time to eat!

The philosopher's stone could transmute every precious metal into gold.

Sandeep is an unknown artist.

Can you open the window?

Why would a university lecturer of all people end up responsible for a murder?


I hope you'll find what I'm searching for.

I'd like to study German, but I don't have the time.

He is lacking in decisiveness.

It's best not to leave her alone in that frame of mind.

I want you to come home with me.

And then what happened?

I'll get them home safely.

I know we're a little early.

Three people have died.


Jack Dorsey hates me.

She isn't adequate to the task.

These countries settled the dispute among themselves.

Herbert is playing with his cat.

He lives in Boston City.

Does this restaurant have pilaf?

Tell Sugih to help Brendan.

I'm not much of an artist.

Dan rudely insulted a police officer.


Jesus opened up the bag with a knife.


See you there.

Pradeep and Lois always play tennis on Saturday morning.

Our trip lasted a long time.

"Are you upset?" "No. Why would I be?"

I can't wait to go to Boston to visit Shakil.


Discussions are ongoing.

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She is always hard at work.

This single reflection will show that the doctrine of redemption is founded on a mere pecuniary idea corresponding to that of a debt which another person might pay.

The inhabitants are proud of their urban culture.

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I was only three years old in 2013.

We were not a little disappointed with you.

This is a very important day for us.


We traveled over a very good road.

Did you happen to be present when the accident happened?

Please tell me what that means.

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots grows ever wider, to Victorian levels, even.

The river is the widest in Europe.

I wish she had come last night.

The book costs five dollars.

Of all the possible reasons, he chose the least expected one.

I have two tickets for the Boston vs. Vancouver game on Saturday night. Wanna go with me?

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The alien comes in a form of someone from one's memories.

This is exactly what I wanted to see.

Sridharan can stay as long as he likes.


The boy has been absent from school for eight days.

Matthias, Ramon and John all shook their heads.

Every student trusts Mr Akai because he never breaks his word.


You're not prepared for what awaits you.


The alert guard perceived a dim shape in the distance.

That was pretty tough.

Can you speak up? I don't understand you.

Reconnaissance satellite is a military satellite capable of monitoring many activities on earth, eavesdrop lines, registering the operating frequency of the radar systems...

Don't be so narrow-minded!


I think Dimitry has never fallen in love.

Keep your nose clean.

Do you really think anything will change?

Clara has a degree in electrical engineering.

Arabic is not complicated.


They gave you nothing.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji.

I wonder what Fletcher will do with that.

The speaker paused and then went on talking again.

Amarth blow-dried his hair.

In small towns, everyone knows everything about one another.

Rayan was not worthy of your trust.

The doctor said, "There's nothing worse for your health than tobacco.

I think you did very well.

Starbuck and Don don't have any children.

Lucius is much surprised at the news.

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When you have difficulties, I will help you.

Marsha is the only one who doesn't know how to do this.

We still get together from time to time.

Serve with vegetables and rice.

Rodger said there's problem with the TV.

Anything can happen in the world of dreams.

Maybe Everett wasn't happy about it.

The police haven't ruled out suicide.

Ricky does anything we tell him to do.


I told Julius I had plans.

Where is the taxi?

He believes in God, but he rarely attends Church.


I am a person in long-term recovery from drug addiction.

I have never met you in person.

Countless stars were twinkling in the sky.


What are you asking us?

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Anatoly had denied the allegations.

They survived, even though the building was destroyed.

Flight 101 from Paris arrived one hour ahead of time.

I know it's late, but would you like to come over?

They're jittery.

Could you please file the invoices under each client's name?

Can we roller-skate in this park?

I'll check with you later.

This is almost too easy.

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Bookmark this site.

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My bank statement no longer comes in the mail, but it can be accessed online.

For a delirious word there is no answer.

This is great stuff.


I have a bomb.

Her father has a general store.

I don't really like the way Mr. Jackson teaches.


The best way to predict your future is to create it.

I'm done with studying.

I suggest that you put on some clean clothes.

We do everything we're asked.

You'll meet Harry tomorrow night.

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I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

If you have complaints about the taste of my cooking, you could start to make it yourself starting tomorrow.

I had scarcely left home when it began to rain.


He denies that he did it.