The innerHTML is a property of document object (DOM) which is used to get or set the content of HTML elements.
You can set HTML content of any element including html, body tags by using JavaScript innerHTML.

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The substr method is used to get the substring of a given string. The substr method takes two arguments; one is the starting position and the other specifies the length of the returned substring.

JavaScript trim method

The trim method of JavaScript is used to remove the leading and trailing spaces in a given string. This may be useful in scenarios where visitors are given options to enter text in textboxes or text area and they enter text with leading or trailing spaces or presenting


The split method of JavaScript is used to split or break a given string, generally by a specified separator like space or comma. The Split method returns an array of broken substrings that you can manipulate

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The replace method of JavaScript is used to match and replace a value (regular expression or string) in a given string. The value can be a simple string or regex object (regular expression).