This is true.

He has a family to support.

My mother is the first one to get up every morning.

The summer is over, isn't it?

Am I that much different from everyone else?

While Jinny was picking blackberries, the thorny canes scratched his arms and legs several times. "Next time I do this," he told Russell, "I'll be sure to wear long sleeves so that I don't get so many little scratches."

Nobody has enough knowledge to adjust this equipment like John did.

Wherever you live is the best place.

When did you get to Kyoto?

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Kiki is afraid to say anything.

I didn't know where they were.

As soon as you get the wall painted, you can go home.


Do you think Alastair didn't hear me?


Steen isn't helping me.

Please just wait here.

Don't forget that I exist.

Did you really think you could kill me?

Why are computers so intelligent? Because they listen to their motherboards.


How did you cook this?

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I interpreted his remark as a threat.

He said that Esperanto was a "Japanesque Latinate language."

Kathleen's statements turned out to be true.

I shall remember the lesson you have taught me.

I must be losing my mind.

You are an original masterpiece.

She said that she photographed a ghost.


She said that her life was so boring. It figures because all she did was watch TV all day.

It seemed like too much trouble.

They've turned on us.

Do you want gruel?

Meg is as tall as Ken.

He advanced his departure by two days.

Rodney was outstanding.

Trying didn't mention the reason he was late.

We discussed the problem at length.

We discuss many things.

There has been a case of death in your family.

I've hit a brick wall with my research. I don't know what to do now.

The bad weather delayed the plane.

The boss has a good opinion of your work.

Dublin is my favorite town.


To my knowledge, there are no good books on the theory.

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Let's fight them together.

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Her father was accused of statutory rape.

Fish'n'chips is the most famous English food.

Come again next week.

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My sister never fails to write home once a month.

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Do you believe in the Great Pumpkin?


John talked his friends into helping the poor family.

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Better a little than nothing.

Is Sedat here?

We just want to take them home.

You're the biggest.

I was amazed at his abrupt resignation.

The chairs will be here tomorrow.

I know nothing about it.


We're too busy to attend to such detail.

Where've you been all afternoon?

I've been thinking about going to Boston again.

Wasn't she your girlfriend?

We're not going, are we?

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She is just a child.

Hang that picture on the wall.

It was so noisy that I couldn't make myself heard.

I'm a conscientious objector.

I should tell them to try it.

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I was born in Osaka, but I was brought up in Tokyo.

He accepts gifts from students.

Hit this crag!

Who fired the gun?

I hope I don't let anyone down.


Paola filled the bird feeder.


This is only my idea.

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Infrared and ultra-violet rays are types of light invisible to the human eye.


Your name came up at the meeting today.

Women didn't have the right to vote.

That's unfortunate.

I think that Sanity and only Chris can do it. However, some people think that Kerri could do it, too.

This knife has a fine edge and cuts well.

His breath reeks of alcohol.

This is where Margie used to live.


That is one of the most hideous paintings I have ever seen.


Mr. Mitsubishi is drinking at home to save his drinking money.


The team sucks anyway.

He was a pitiable spectacle of neglect and wretchedness as he sat there on an upturned pail, eating his bread and cheese with fingers that, like his clothing, were grimed with paint and dirt.

I'm just trying to buy some time.

Not everyone hates Siping.

Why do you need quarters?

Many roads remain closed.

How do you like the climate of Japan?


He climbed over the fence.


He has been here for three days.

I will make a video for you.

They took on more than they could handle.

What a fine day it is!

The hall was decorated with potted palms.

If you'll just sit still I think I can comb out the knots in your hair.

A tall man came up to me.

According to the newspaper, the boy was knocked unconscious and lay on his back with his eyes closed.

This might just work.

She was prohibited from smoking.

Simon thought that Marsha was asleep.

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The meeting started with some general chit-chat to break the ice.

This movie is a must!

We look forward to the challenge.

OK, I'll give it a try.

Kyoko was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

His answer is different from mine.

Where can I hang my jacket?

He had the car fixed in no time at all.

The husband and his wife drink tea.

Their voices match perfectly.

May God keep you!

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This year is 2011.


No animals are to be found on the island.

Have you been here before?

We are soulmates.

You don't have to come here every day.

The main islands of Japan are Hokkaido, Shikoku, Honshu and Kyushu.


Don't quarrel with your bread and butter.


She got home exhausted today.

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Doug knew nothing about it.


Two doctors were talking shop.


What a beautiful garden!

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Since when have you been waiting? Have you been waiting a long time?

Most of this building's tenants are artists.

Drink a cup of water.

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I'm not unlucky.

When many enemies appear in front of you, look back, you have many allies as well.

Takao ought to do something for Barton.


What do you think we should do to make for world peace?

I'll tell them you asked.

His index finger is smaller than his ring finger.

Gary is very selfish, isn't he?

The five of us stood in a circle holding hands.

She's entertaining herself.

This isn't as hard as it looks.

He seems happy.

People often say to my mother: "Please don't drink too much."

We have to do this on our own.

Guido married young.

I caught sight of her as she turned the corner.

Few of my friends have two cars.

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If I were healthy, I could go on a hike.

He muttered a curse.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good today.


That's not how you do it.

Do you have anything to wear to the dance?

He works out every day except weekends.


Something is coming.

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Those were his last words.

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Since you have already also become an adult, you must become independent economically from your parents.

Until he comes, I cannot go away.

It looks like it might rain. Don't forget your umbrella.

I spilt my inkwell.

That doesn't agree with what he said.

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I don't know your limits.