Promoting Physician Wellness By Addressing Burnout

checkbox_full1 Not fulfilled practicing medicine anymore?

checkbox_full1 Trapped in the wrong career?

restringent Trying to balance work and family?

checkbox_full1 Burned out?

checkbox_full1 Patient overload?


Dr. Sarita Uhr - Physician Coach

857-799-7928 Practicing defensive medicine?

checkbox_full1 Not enough time with patients?

checkbox_full1 Increasing overhead expenses?

360-952-8586 Is the joy gone from your career?

816-734-1263 Overwhelmed with EHRs?

Are you experiencing patient overload, low reimbursements, the need to practice defensive medicine and not enough time with patients?

These stresses can suck the joy out of your career.

Dr. Sarita Uhr is a physician coach with a background in psychiatry.

She is in a unique position to guide you through a career transition to a non-clinical career.

She can also help you modify your present career.

Would you like support on finding strategies to reach your career objectives?

What about considering a new career direction?

As a physician coach, she can give you the confidence to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

 What her physician clients say:

“After all the years of hard work and dedication I have put into my career, I don’t feel fulfilled anymore.”

“I don’t enjoy going to work anymore.”

“It’s getting harder to focus at work, my heart just isn’t in it…”

“It’s just not fun anymore…”

“My life feels out of control. My career controls my life, not me.”

“I feel burned out and stressed by my heavy patient load and ever increasing overhead.”

“I’m overwhelmed adjusting to the EHR’s and the changes.”

“I have to see so many patients now, I can’t take care of them at a standard I’m comfortable with.”

“I‘m tired of all the after hour calls. I’m getting too old for this.”

Dr. Sarita Uhr is a psychiatrist and a physician coach in Dallas, Texas.

She completed her psychiatry training and fellowship in psychopharmacology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Her expertise in psychiatry has served as an excellent background for effective coaching.

She has a unique skill set for coaching physicians through career changes.

She has had over 27 years of experience in her private practice helping professionals transition to new careers.

She understands the complexities involved in giving up the security of a high status career.


How to contact Dr. Sarita Uhr

You can email her by clicking the picture above and filling in the form.

You can reach her by phone at 972-701-0002. Please leave a detailed message.

She will be happy to discuss what type of program will fit your needs.

Call or email her to set up an introductory phone call.