Most of us love the feeling of buying brand new clothes, but why not give second hand garms a go once in a while? Here’s exactly why you should… You might be surprised Understandably, buying second hand clothes from places like charity shops or c can be a bit of an unappealing thought. You might […]

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Why you should buy second hand clothing

It’s a no brainer that fast fashion is bad. For the planet of course but also for the workers involved in this industry who get paid low wages, work extra long hours, are threatened physically and mentally and in some cases are minors. While there’s definitely growing awareness on the impacts of the fashion and […]

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10 Ways to Look Slimmer in Jeans

You can’t always hit your goal weight — but you can look skinnier in jeans right this minute. Most women rely on jeans as a wardrobe staple, often reaching for them when we don’t feel comfortable squeezing into other wardrobe options. But looking skinny in jeans can be a bit of an art — it’s […]

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11 Celebrity Looks That Make Us Want a Camel Coat—Stat

Chances are, you probably own a black coat, and you’re probably sick of said black coat. And if you aren’t, well, we are, which is why we’re warming up to a richer shade—camel—to take our winter outerwear to the next level. Evidently, celebrities are doing the same. These days, it seems like all our favorite […]

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But even the most classic staple can use a seasonal refresh, which is why we’ve culled an inspiring selection of tastemakers showing off updated ways to wear the jacket. And if you don’t own a trench yet, don’t fret! Click through to find a thorough shopping section that runs the gamut from basic khaki to […]



Million tons of clothes are thrown away each year. Buying second hand clothing does not only reduce the waste, it supports the community and it’s sustainable. For me it’s 1 year without buying new clothes (except 3–5 pieces). Not harming the planet and not supporting the fast fashion industry. Since I’m working for a green […]

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Why does Kate Middleton never take her coat off in public?

Kate Middleton has a fair number of decent coats in her wardrobe. There’s red ones, there’s blue ones, there’s maternity ones that she’s been wearing as of late to fit over her ever-growing bump containing royal baby number three. The list goes on. And we’re glad of it too, because during these harsh and blisteringly […]

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What Are the Best Jeans for Women?

A casual wardrobe fixture that’s been reinvented endlessly, denim is one of those outfit staples that can be overwhelming. To find out what new denim is worth buying, we talked to 22 women of all shapes and sizes about their favorite denim (at the moment) that suits their body type, wears well, and has range (so, you could just […]

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7 Reasons to Buy Second Hand Clothes Online

With every great deal, unbelievable find and new-with-tags discovery, we fall more in love with thrift shopping each day! Really, what’s not to love? With second hand shopping online, not only do you save money big time and get clothes your friends will fawn over, but you also keep clothing from the landfill, find one-of-a-kind apparel and […]

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5 ways to get rid of clothes you don’t want anymore

If your favourite t-shirt gets stretched, do you throw it away? You probably shouldn’t. According to the Council for Textile Recycling, 21 billion pounds of textile waste reaches America’s landfills each year. Most of this can be reused or recycled. By filling up these landfills with unwanted clothing, we’re doing some serious damage to the environment. […]