Evil is everywhere.

Donal sat on that park bench for nearly three hours.

He made fun of my accent.

Pontus will find a job soon enough.

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Damon should've followed Marcos's advice.


You got very drunk.


There's a guy downstairs asking for you.

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Many people believe that Heinrich and Rolf are secretly in love with each other.


He was speechless.

Do they really exist?

Schoolchildren in New Zealand regularly undertake earthquake drills.

She is at home in the subject.

He deals with the commercials of the supermarket.

I've been badly bitten by mosquitoes.

My mother tasted the soup and added a little more salt.

This is the shortest way to the station.

I've had enough of your lectures.


People obviously like it.


I've been misunderstood.

We went on foot.

How did you do on your finals?

Torsten locked himself in his bedroom and turned off the light.

Nothing I heard at the meeting made me change my mind.

Did you buy Anatoly something for Christmas?

Sometimes you don't need to speak the same language in order to understand each other.

Everybody but Len knows why his wife left him.

Children are expensive.

The two strongest teams will clash with each other this weekend.

I never know what I'm eating.

Please remember to wake me up at seven tomorrow.

You look pale. You'd better take a day off.

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Today is half off at the mexican restaurant called qdoba.

"Jeeves, my good man, I do believe something is amiss." "What do you mean, sir?" "You are driving on the left side of the road." "Astute observation, sir." "Well, we're in Germany!"

The gnarled branches scraped and grasped for me like living hands.

I met Benson in Boston last week.

Caleb went skiing.

I know what Doug's thinking.

I changed my hairstyle.

That's quite interesting.

Didn't Connie tell you?

Has anyone actually talked to Bruno?

I'll call him first thing in the morning.

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Each person has various reasons for going on a trip abroad.

I like Kenshin Uesugi.

I don't want him in my house.

No man can occupy the office of President without realizing that he is President of all the people.

Here we are at Ueno Station.

It's not a conspiracy.

What is required here is discretion.

Liza deserves it.

I saw one, a mermaid, when I was a primary schooler. But it wasn't that sort of fairy-tale atmosphere of a story.

Your theory doesn't hold water.

I lived in Nagoya for over a month.

Let's talk to them.

We will survive.


Perhaps someone other than Roberta would be a better choice.

My e-mail address will be as follows effective April 1.

Marian may be an accessory to murder.


She is a clerk of the trading company.

Autumn came and the leaves started to fall.

All I'm suggesting is that we try to help Pia as much as we can.

It is enough for today.

Nobody likes being laughed at.

She was wearing a heavy coat to protect against the chill.

Will you make coffee for me?

What was Loyd looking at?

I haven't had dessert yet.

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Let's go outside and look at the stars.


Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos which have unusual shapes. Scientists think these potato-shaped moons were once asteroids captured by Mars' gravitational pull.

I eat only when I'm hungry.

Jamie is direct, isn't he?

My grandmother can ride a motorcycle.

In this next slide we see an aerial shot of the company headquarters.


Don't act like that.

Can I run a few ideas past you?

Reading affords us pleasure.

Please don't force me to do this.

Maurice is up to his ears in debt.


Loukas did most of the work.

Starch degradation is linked to a Circadian clock.

Could you take care of my dog for a while?

This is the room where the body was found.

It is not as simple as it seems.


I exchanged a camera for a guitar.


Among the things found were umbrellas, shoes, and handkerchiefs.

Hell is waiting for you.

The police found out the thief.

Jurevis noticed that the mailbox was open.

Turn the lights out now.

I don't know how he got my phone number.

Some Japanese college students, as is often the case with them, don't study very much.

Pierette told us you couldn't be trusted.

We'll see how it goes.

Bob reached the finish line first.

Smog hung over Tokyo.

The flowers are at their best now.

What time will Dani and Jeannette be arriving?


A three-handed monster came out of the wardrobe.

The smoke vanished with the wind.

She plunged into the water.


Don't ask me so many questions. Use your head.

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They'll want to remember this.

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Stephe died a half year later.

Bill may be watching this game at the stadium.

If you want to understand yourself, just look how the others carry on. If you want to understand the others, look into your own heart.

I haven't seen you for a long time, Bill.

I have no doubt English is the most common language in the world.

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Post No Bills.


Don't be such a pig! Leave some for everyone else.


Kemal is making a list.


Heidi set off some fireworks.

What made you contact her?

This should be useful.


He was first elected to the Senate in 1984.


Quintilius Varus, return my legions!

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I just want to tell Hughes before somebody else does.


All in all, I think my hobbies are balanced; they bring some relaxation to my life, and at the same time bring focus to my studies.

I'll be watching.

The French are said to love art.

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Factional in-fighting threw a monkey wrench into the deliberations.

I sent him out of the room.

If there are genuine differences between these two cultures, I think that the largest are certainly in what you think about foreigners studying your native language.

Raul went on working.

Phosphorus provides nourishment for cyanobacteria (blue algae) which multiply and release toxins.

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I don't live in Helsinki.

They've adopted two boys from Asia.

"What would you like?" "I would like a dog."

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Their quarrel sprung from misunderstanding.


Last night he went to sleep at 11 o' clock.

We've only been together three months.

There was a glut of cotton goods due to cheap imports.

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More than 90% of the world's renewable electricity comes from dams.

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Lorenzo put the first aid kit back where he found it.

Many wild animals are in peril of their lives.

I would have wanted to be a famous soccer player.

That scene was branded on her memory.

The rabbit stood in the middle of the road, mesmerized by the lights of the oncoming truck.

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How's the project going?

Raja is drunk again.

I think I need both of these.

Every person is an artist.

Your nose was bleeding.

Everyone's looking for Sanity.

Did you read the license agreement?

I'm sorry that I lied to you yesterday.

I don't mind the heat.

Ethan has beautiful eyes.

The way I see it, we've got three options.

She stopped to talk

What are they saying?

And actually, this project needs everyone.

I thought that was obvious.

I can't wait for them.

I especially like the smell of lilacs.

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Darryl is eccentric, isn't he?

If it weren't for my advice, you would have failed.

Why did Heinrich want to talk to me?


Don't bring the dog in.

Why did I do that?

She didn't want to disappoint her mother.

Do you have plans for additional education?

She should be hibernated!