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European Energy is a central point for your endeavors in the fields of energy efficient use. It gathers energy efficient projects, case studies, new technologies, initiatives, actions, directives, regulations, donations, investments …

We are taking our part of responsibility for the more energy efficient future by inspiring dialogue among Europeans about the energy efficient living.

Choose the category your initiative belongs to and show the world YOUR contributions to a better future.


European Energy is a platform created for spreading awareness about more energy efficient living. It is an open platform, allowing experts, companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions, organizations and individuals, to share their initiatives on how to improve the quality of our living and still save natural resources. We encourage cooperation among contributors on the local, regional and international levels, establishing free information flow and stimulating participation of the general public.

Energy efficient initiatives are not a cost, but an investment to a better future.

Join us in our endeavors for the more energy efficient Europe and share your successful projects, case studies, investments, efficient technologies used in different projects, initiatives, actions, donations … with us!


According to the data obtained from Eurostat, energy efficient use in all different fields is growing. Our goal is to raise the awareness even higher by interconnecting various energy efficient initiatives.

Share your initiatives to improve the European energy efficiency.

Source: Eurostat


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