Imagine setting up your own call center in seven minutes. There is no complex hardware involved, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you can do this literally anywhere with an internet connection.

Clear, professional communication is indispensable in customer service. That theme is the catalyst for Contact Central, a comprehensive telephony system that can be used by all businesses, large and small.

End-to-end Business Phone System

Many businesses need to attend to simultaneous and diverse customer requests at one given time. They constantly look for solutions to improve their customer service infrastructure with minimal manpower. Contact Central has all the bases covered on one single dashboard – from campaign management and scheduling to delegation of calls for multiple agents.

Businesses that address customers quicker tend to get a more favorable reception. Phone queue management gives you a birds-eye view of the communication traffic and allows you to manage calls in a streamlined manner. You can personalize at a multiple levels, so customers can address niche issues.

A blend of cloud and VoIP technology gives you more flexibility. You can attend to your customer the old fashioned way on a phone or you can take calls via a browser.

Understanding Small Business Requirements

At Contact Central, we spoke to friends and acquaintances about the challenges they face balancing their client communication with other duties. We identified the small details and nitty-gritty of what businesses go through every day. These conversations were part of a larger research that allowed us to design a comprehensive phone system which balances automation, scalability and very importantly, an easy DIY functionality. Our customizable and multi-layered Interactive Voice Response (IVR) templates also allow you to address unique business scenarios.

Contact Central allows you to start from scratch. Dealing with nationwide or international customers can mean high tariffs. With Contact Central, that problem is taken care of. You can purchase phone numbers across geographies on the dashboard to set up local helplines and integrate them seamlessly into your daily operations.

Affordable Business Telephony Solution

Everybody wants efficient costing. Overhead expenditures are increasing across the board so to introduce an effective phone system it has to be cheap. This is why Contact Central has no fixed rentals. Pay as you go and free up your budget for other things.

Our pricing acknowledges the continuous ebb and flow that businesses go through. There are lean times and there are busy seasons and based on this, you need to manage your communication costs. The ‘per seat’ pricing is ideal because business owners can scale up and down accordingly, depending on their requirements and budgets. Because it is an off-site system hosted on a third-party server, you save on space and maintenance costs.

Catering to a Wide Spectrum of Clients

A customizable phone system can be used by all businesses and organizations. From a pizza parlor to a counseling helpline, Contact Central can increase response rates and deliver faster solutions. With a good business telephony system, you can provide customer service with minimum resources while maintaining communication quality and professionalism.

Starting up is really easy. You do not need a credit card to try out Contact Central. That is not all. If you sign up with a Twilio account, the first three months are free!

Give yourself a competitive edge, try ContactCentral today.