About US

HongKong Tiffany Tape Co., Ltd is a value-audience company which is striving to provide a holistic service to its customers. Expect unmatched professional service for adhesive tapes and related machines. We work with clients to provide them with an end-to-end solution for the tape industry.

Our approach to cooperation is based on our philosophy of honesty. With increasing interaction with Chinese businesses, it becomes difficult to find the right suppliers that can match your expectations on all fronts. Our company sets the bar straight from the onset, and clears all confusions for its clients before proceeding further. We don’t believe in securing order, but securing out clients trust. We provide the support and guidance to our clients, and leave the decision to them. Whether its information, sample order, or just general inquiry, we are glad to answer all your questions without hesitation.

With over 7 years of experience in the tape industry, we believe that our friendly service, and expertise will fulfill all your needs. We provide support and delivery throughout the year 24/7. We hope that you will get in touch with us and discuss your needs for the tape industry. We offer the ease of mind that no other company can, and that is a promise!

Our Activities

  • Pack Expo in Las Vegas

  • Medical Tapes factory visit

  • Automotive Masking Tape ship to Brazil

  • Sudan customers’ goods shipment

  • DS tissue tape factory inspection

  • 2017 APFE Exhibition show