Because the distance between the Sun and Mars varies, temperatures range from -125 degrees Celsius in the Martian winter to 22 degrees Celsius in the Martian summer.

Japan is subject to earthquakes.


You don't think it was a suicide, do you?

I'm glad you're not dead.

I heard her sniffle.

Please let me finish.

A big crowd stood in the street.

Sorry, I don't think I can do it.

The teacher asked me to read my paper in front of the class.


Will you wait a moment?

There are four seasons in a year.

I never even met them.

Liisa had a problem with the fact that Markku constantly tried to exploit his superiority.

Margaret informed Axel that their food supplies were dwindling.

He always stays in bed as late as he can.

It's free.

Dan discovered Linda's backpack in the woods.

Ha ha, I just dreamt that I won five million RMB.

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Ravindranath just called you a liar.


Don't blame yourself. It's my fault.


Gerald sure screams a lot.

Even though a daughter rarely likes her mother's lover, a mother always has a certain attraction for her daughter's lover.

That was so amazing.

He was knocked out by a punch in the first round.

Monica asked Margie to give him some money.

Miriamne isn't busy now.

I like to finish what I start.

My father knows your mother very well.

Do not make a scene in front of everyone.


How do you say "thanks" in French?

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The government coffers are replete with funds.

Can you show me how to do this?

The price of this computer is very low.

This used to belong to us.

We'll miss you terribly.

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The womb has no ears.

He spent the night at his uncle's place.

Glenn has put a cover on the pot.

The artificial lake dried up in hot weather.

We believe you.

I studied Chinese in Beijing.

They sat around the table to play cards.

He has a lot of books for the young.

Now you've mentioned it, I remember coming here with my parents when I was a child.

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Bonnie called Ronni when he got home.

We're dating.

After the eyes, Geppetto made the nose, which began to stretch as soon as finished. It stretched and stretched and stretched till it became so long, it seemed endless.


Where did you marry them?

I was so certain.

How do you know it'll be terrible?

I don't know if I should turn left or right.

My father speaks in a gentle tone.

It was so sour an orange that I could not eat it.

He was a famous poet and a competent diplomat.

I told you he was cute.

Julie locked himself in his room and won't come out.


Sassan screamed to Gail for help.


Barton is hoping you'll help him.


I tried to get Jose to talk to Starbuck.

Sally doesn't have a prayer.

I'm not very good at singing.

Understanding that is not simple.

That really isn't funny.

I've never seen him around here.

Stop putting food on my plate.

Please don't call us again.

He's out of his mind with pain.

How much time do we have before the movie starts?

We need fire.


Well, Michelle, you know how much your approval means to me.


Harmon has no complaints.

Ernie gave up trying to persuade Laurent to babysit his kids.

We don't want to start any rumors.

I want to know what's good.

What was your name again?

Maybe it's time for you to get a new computer.

I think a film is more interesting than any book.

She named him Charles.

Who's that cute boy?


I have trouble swallowing pills.

Lila works at the supermarket.

Billy did something I'd never do.

No one man can answer what's the meaning of life; this question stands before all mankind.

I found that book interesting.


Everyone in the city appears to be constantly on the go.

Funeral pomp is more for the vanity of the living than for the honor of the dead.

Let's discuss your love problems on the way back from school.

It reads well.

Don't forget to bring a pen.

There's a small price to pay.

How was your week?


Moe is in the other room, unpacking boxes.


Denis wouldn't help us.


He does not even know how to sign his name.


Rik has nothing to do here.

We can't let Lex go.

What we want to do next is add some salt.

He lost the sight of one eye in a traffic accident.

I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.

Do you need a ride home?

I didn't mean to wake him up.


Out in the furthest reaches of the galaxy there are a bunch of stars named after dead actors.


They like it that way.

The water is not fit to drink.

What kind of information are you looking for?

Mariko went to the aesthetic salon.

Those houses are all alike.


We'll have to separate the wires.

Lowell giggled.

I don't think that's a very good idea.


What I need is not money, but your advice.


The champagne cork popped out.

I thought I was about to be captured so I ran as fast as I could.

Markku is a really good friend.

I really like TV.

Maybe you're too young.

But God the only begotten Son, who is at the Father's side, has made him known.

Will you help me with my homework?

Ping had a crush on Jos.

No one was to be seen in the street.

Phil just told me about the accident.

I haven't seen Jwahar for days.

Kuldip is one of the richest men in Boston.

He lives in a multimillion-dollar mansion.

I'm making an appointment for my daughter.

Knut accused Len of lying through her teeth.


It's a very slow business.


They got married six months ago.

Shakil doesn't listen to anyone.

The word "the" is optional in this sentence.

Sue is actually Elliott's brother.

Miltos is suffering from a bad cold.

Judge wanted Tait to pretend to be his girlfriend.

I can't make head or tail of this picture.

It took me a lot less time to housebreak my German shepherd than it took to housebreak my other dog.

We seem to have arrived a few minutes early.


Elias is making a lot of sense.

Living with him isn't easy.

"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I'm just starting."


There was eternal twilight in the place.

No less than three hundred dollars was needed for the work.

Why don't you come by sometime after ten?

I've never seen Olaf this angry before.

Can I talk to you upstairs?


Roy practiced very hard to get his ski instructor's license.

I can't beat Per.

Can we work on that now?

As soon as you arrive, he will make something to eat.

They vowed to marry after the war.


I like water.


I never imagined that you would say that.

I really miss them.

Let me ask you a question.

I suggest you ask them.

The sky is blue.


What if they're wrong?

Try again!

There's no place like Boston.

I've been very busy lately.

Some people like him and other people don't.

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You just have to know who to ask.

We're still waiting for him.

This is the only book I have.

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Little children always question things we adults take for granted.