What can Judy do about it?

'Now that I have realized that you truly fear God, now that you would slay your only begotten son for him.'

They made me wait for a long time.

You can meet Vic there.

This girl is the flower of the school.

I thought I heard her come in.

Christophe is giving the baby a bath.

His background parallels that of his predecessor.

Raghu will make the beds.

Hotta knows nothing about Kory's family.

He could not get along with his neighbors.

She soon adjusted to his way of life.

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The goods were entered to her.

It was Ron who first suggested that we hire Kikki.

Wendy is the master.

It's only going to get worse now.

We didn't tell anyone.

The meeting is about to let out.

You should work in the interests of humanity.

I think I'm not assertive enough.

I barely knew Lindsay.

You don't want to forget who your friends are.

What do you really think of him?

This box is so large that it cannot go into my bag.

The last time we went out to eat, she paid for the dinner.

I always keep a promise.

Nelken is coming.


Do you really believe that?

Why don't we go to the mountains this weekend?

I'd like to share my secret with you.

Do you guys want to read what I wrote?

I told Shadow not to come back.

The red lines on the map represent railway lines.

The children soon lost themselves in the game.

Kari is back home.

Don't make it a habit.

My father is very particular about the way his hair is cut.

I'll bring the wine.

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Casey always calls on Monday.

He was wounded in the fight.

Loren might've caught something.


You don't need to tell me what to do.

Don't blame this on us.

Whether he is for it or not, we will not change our plans.

I'll give these to anyone who wants them.

She took care of the poor little bird.


Tanaka will buy a new pair of glasses, presumably.

My son is brushing his teeth.

Your new friends may laugh at some of the things you do.


Kyu is asking me for a divorce.

This conversation is an extremely complex phenomenon.

I thought I'd know when the time was right.

That's them.

I am Teochew.

Son couldn't understand Antonio's joke.

Let's go to your room.

We are exploring new sources, such as solar and atomic energy.

Shirley said he would leave at 2:30.


You're ready.

A pretty girl came up to Kees in the street and started talking to him.

Can you be ready to leave tomorrow?

What time and where exactly shall we meet?

I will join a golf club.

"My son, do you believe in God?" "Yes, my father."

Flat land has no mountains or hills.


I have no time to explain this in detail.

Hiromi wears a new dress.

The lights were out.

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I am uncertain whether this is a thing of value.

When I say hello to him, he never replies; he only inclines his head.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This is getting embarrassing.

She told her son to wait a minute.

I don't know if Pilot is telling the truth, but she certainly made up a good story as to why she was late.

Ken was goofing around.

You've written to them.

Eat what you are served, no buts about it.

She stood there even after the train was out of sight.

There are very few passengers in the train.

He ordered them to release the prisoner.

You are to hand in your report by 5:00 tomorrow.

Do we have a blog?

God?! I won't let my life be ruled by a working hypothesis!

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Mr. Jackson gave us some homework.


For lunch we had a pepperoni pizza with tossed salad.

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My mother hates watching the television.

The price depends on the size.

It was a godsend.

I'm not in the school.

Do you think that's going to happen?


He felt something crawl up his leg.

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Since it's written in easy French, I can understand it.


I've heard a report that you're leaving Boston.

There was a scuffle in front of the store when the new product was released.

What should I do? I burned the pot!

Samir really misses America and he wants to go back.

He was playing with his sausage disgustingly.

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She's still active in the front lines.

It sounds like a lot of fun.

They passed an uneasy night.

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All three of us are students.

I showed Adlai how to do it.

I ate before you got here.

We spent one night together.

The girl who works at the bakery is pretty.

The Prime Minister tried to cover up the scandal, but that just made it worse when the newspapers discovered the truth.

Rex is a team player.

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The government should take targeted measures to eliminate unemployment.

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He unknowingly slept with his sister.

He died laughing.

I don't feel like it anyway!

He plays the piano well.

Let's sit down.

Do you have the money?

I dare say he is innocent.

Take it easy.

Try to drive there on your own.


In that slender body, where does it all go?

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My purse was stolen on the bus.

That was just unfair.

Joyce is wiser than me.


People want more money to expand educational institutions.

I reflected on the problem.

You can play a musical instrument, can't you?


My book became the Holy writ for all those engineers.

A mob quickly formed.

I thought you were supposed to be at work today.

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You've got a million dollars in front of you. You can either spend it for yourself or spend it on a surgery for someone you don't know who is in danger of quadriplegia. You both don't know each other. And no one will ever know what a noble deed you've done sacrificing all the money to the surgery for a person you don't know, or how mean you were to take the money confining that person to wheelchair for the rest of their life. So what would you do? You can't share the money.

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Sleep is to a man what winding up is to a clock.


What if Stephanie is wrong?

Everyone ought to be a master of his own destiny.

I think Jos is afraid of your dog.

If he doesn't get a letter from me once a month, he will reveal the Pope's secret to the world.

I think he just looked at me.


Why don't you let us go with you?

The language is music to my tongue

Sharpen your pencil.

Did you receive my letters?

I'll pray hard.

Assemble all of the leaders of my army.

I know what Ginny and Josh are like.

Bruno promised to tell the truth.

I don't trust talkative people.


A donkey is gray.

Really, you are so mean.

This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.

There is no reason why I shouldn't do it.

This film is classified as suitable for general exhibition.

What if I don't buy that car?

Honzo is wearing a very valuable ring.

There's not any chance of that happening.

Come on, hurry it up.

They can vouch for her.

This storm will also pass.

Their common aim was to make the project successful.

What time do you usually go to bed?

Please note the change in the meeting agenda.

I hate that they call me "four-eyes".


He continued singing.


Kim spoke calmly, eloquently and confidently.


They ignored him.

Connie didn't have a case for his guitar.

There were rumors about us, but they weren't true.

We would've enjoyed our trip if it wasn't for the rain.

I want it with plenty of ice.

Miriam's fist connected with Shankar's jaw and he staggered back.

He must be a fool to do such a thing.

The two men competed for the young maiden's heart.

What is important for you?