Have a great weekend!

I need to go to downtown.

As she watched, the birds, especially Chizuko's golden crane, looked alive in a light autumn breeze.

Now I have curly hair, because I had a perm.

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

While I was reading in bed last night, I fell asleep with the light on.

Have you ever had a run in with Ronald?

Who are you going to believe, Oskar or me?


Check the pressure of the tires.


He seems young, but he's actually over 40 years old.


Could we talk for a moment?


My criterion is the ability to work joyfully.

I didn't finish it.

Sangho was arrested.

Where's this from?

He didn't notice the change, but I did.

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Have you fixed the thermostat?


The defense attorney was pleased by the verdict.

You must be pretty upset.

I am an atheist.

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Suyog wrote Serdar a love letter, but he did not send it.

I'm trying to catch up with the rest of the class.

In the south of China, the situation is different.

I am not as interested in literature as you.

How far are we from your house?


He was absent from school today, as he often is.

I hope things will turn out well for you.

Pradeep hasn't spoken French in years.

When she was abroad, she often used Skype.

You don't have to use a dictionary when you read this book.

I don't know if he can come tonight.

He is a killer, he should be behind bars!

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I am sure of success.

How many sacrificial lambs do we need to bring the rain back?

A key to a woman's heart? What are you on about? The only thing you have to do is to fuck her!


Kurt took a sip of wine.


I don't speak Ukrainian.

You're so perfect.

I can't leave before the job is done.


Just walk away.

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Will you join for me breakfast?


Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.

What else did you miss?

I don't want to intrude.

If possible, I'll come tomorrow.

Our neighbor has broken a rib.

I need to get something to eat.

Next week I'm going to Vancouver to visit my sister.

It is dangerous to generalise about a situation which you do not fully understand.

I'll explain it to Janos.

My sister and I went to the castle.

If you're so smart, then why don't you take over my lesson and I'll just sit here and giggle!

You were right, you know.

This car is more reliable than a Lada.

I don't like to have a doctor examine me.

The subcontractors say that after they completed all required work according to construction specifications, Dave would either outright refuse to pay their invoices or would only pay them one-third of the amount they had billed.

This shirt looks good on you.

I love it here.

We did not see any children at all.

He did not like children.

I met Jos tonight.

Are you saying I'm impolite?


How many audiobooks do you have on your mobile MP3 player?

It was 36 degrees in Boston today.

This app can help.

A man of straw is worth a woman of gold.

It's a sacred right.

Do you get my point?

This subject is outside the scope of our inquiry.

If you cannot understand good advise, you cannot obey it.

He's going to join our club.

I've finished revising.

I spoke to Theo last night and he told me that he likes you.

They kissed each other.

Everyone in the bar seemed to be with a date.


I'm going to take that as a yes.

How can I start the engine?

She'll give her photo to whoever wants it.

Kikki let the dog out.

He added sugar to his coffee.

Did you take back the books?

We'll be needing your help.

He is a boy with many dreams.

His house is near the subway.

"Thank you very much for everything." "You are welcome."

Irfan will never back down.


Let's clear this area.

I'll phone her tonight.

There will be other opportunities.

He is on the road.

My duty is to protect everyone here.

Can I take some of the samples?

In order to share it, we'll have to tear it into two pieces.

He loves gardening.

It is no use blaming him for the accident now.

I switched one off.

I'll always stand by you in case of trouble.


You were asleep at your post.

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I'm going to take early retirement.


Can you turn on the light?


Is there any proof?


I want to get out of town.

It's not working well because the batteries are weak.

I wonder who appointed Rudy.

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Vulcan philosophy scares the ordinary, because it encourages freeing from emotions.


Set the focus of the microscope.


"Fiction" is not the same as "lying"; it is a literary art form.

Put the vegetables in the strainer.

Even your mother doesn't know who your father is.

The characteristic feature of a turret lathe is the turret which is mounted upon a carriage and contains the tools which are successively brought into the working position.

Wouldn't you rather sit by the window?

You can wait till the cows come home.

Wow! The pilaf at this restaurant is really good!

No, I went out.

I will shit on you.

The bouncer was accused of assaulting a drunken patron.

I don't want to think about it.

I didn't drink that milk.

She takes a multivitamin pill every day.

They were going back home.

Go where he will, he will be welcomed.

He began to make excuses.

She's playing with her friends.

Vicky tried to get me to wear a kilt.

What are you trying to protect me from?

I knew they would say something about this sentence.

He spotted a ship in the distance.


My father is always busy.

Irwin is not good enough.

I need my sleep.

Can you recommend a good dictionary to me?

The red lines on the map represent railways.

What'll I need?

Where are you going all dolled up like that?

He may well get angry with her.

I want it to be a success.

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Of course Louise will go.

I guess some things aren't going to change.

It's time to go shopping.


It's not a nuthouse, it's a psychiatric hospital.

For him, hunger was an abstract concept. He had always had enough food.

Those children are in exuberant spirits.

I'm very slow at making up my mind.

He is saving money for a trip abroad.

Where did you pick up your Italian?

Do you still need to be taking this medicine?

Revised hinted very strongly that he wanted to go home.

When the snow melts, it becomes water.

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Take down those curtains and send them to be cleaned.

Is it difficult to act according to Buddhist principles?

I'm certain of your success.


He probably can't forget her.

Nobody's that good.

Mick should be praised.

Are you going home now?

I'm trying to find Bertrand.

Once more than half of the disc of the Moon is illuminated, it has a shape we call gibbous.

She loves sweets!


I'm pretty sure that Swamy hasn't seen this yet.

We're having the house painted next week.

Dori works for a bank.

I saw no other choice.

Fortunately, the weather was good.

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A week is divided into seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Maybe someone else made Diane do it.

I brought you something.

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That's my face right now.