What's bugging her?

Dr. Patterson, a psychologist, tested Koko's intelligence.

Who would want to hire Stanly?

I gave my old clothes for the church flea market sale.

"How about going for a walk?" "Why not? I'd be glad to."

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Joubert likes raw carrots.

Can you charge your phone? I want to talk with somebody.

My friend is looking for a new girlfriend.


My wife didn't come with me.

You're a prisoner.

He went out for a walk with his dog.

You knew that, right?

I've certainly learned a lot.


What did you feel?

Who found my missing book?

You need to listen to that.

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The lawyer needed to take the interests of both parties into consideration.


She's an evil witch.

Dawson looks a lot more like your father than you do.

Now I am in South America to teach Esperanto.

A drunk driver was responsible for the car accident.

I enjoyed your article.

We've come this far, so we can't stop now. I don't want to backslide.

He is afraid of snakes.


Every now and then he drops in at this bookstore on his way home from the office.

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That country has a lot of immigrants from Europe.

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I served with Scott in the special forces.

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He is a man of wealth.

How have you been sleeping?

Windsurfing is a lot of fun.

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

Sir is coming to.

I've got to get to class.

He washes the car every week.

Put your finger on this.

He's nuttier than a fruitcake.


He cracked up.


I saw what Catherine wanted me to see.

I wonder if Cathryn will be at Pria's party.

I tried to help him, but I couldn't.

Myrick knows that I don't care what happens.

I am relieved that you are safe.

How long have you been working for us?

There are certain beliefs about cows in India.

Is the procedure clear?

Farragut captured New Orleans without a fight.

My boyfriend seems serious.

I almost fell into the pool.

Claire was arrested for stealing a napkin at a restaurant.

June is taking this very seriously.

"You don't like alcohol?" "No, I like drinking, I just have terrible tolerance."

Stephan was trying to tell me something.


Going to this school requires a lot of money.

Think turned the TV off.

The poor girl was barely eighteen.

Frances arrived at the party after Jem did.

French is spoken in a part of Canada.


How long have they been gone?

That's not what I just heard.

You would've loved Boston.

The students sat quiet all the time.

We're under attack.


How about two weeks from Thursday?

A long time ago, there was a bridge there.

He built his son a new house.

I think it's highly unlikely that Tarmi will drink any beer.

The rain that fell during the last few days has filled the swamps.

The accident deprived them of their happiness.

I don't want you to change your plans.

I'll expect you at 2:30.

I would like to exchange American dollars for rupnu.

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I also gave him a little something as a Christmas present the other day.

The floor gave in under the weight of the heavy safe.

It is kind of you to lend me the money.


None of my friends have ever been to Boston.

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He assimilated what he was taught.


Alice had no idea that Naomi was already married to Winston.

Where are you going to go on your vacation?

I stood aside to let them pass.

Marie might talk to Amos.

Modesty is the conscience of the body.

Tal, you were the one behind this!

The balloon descended gradually as the air came out.

There was once a time when men were forced to act manly and women forced to act in a feminine manner.

Thank you very much for your generous donation.

It is time for you to go to bed.

My parents also have a farm.

You are hearing things.

I am planning to call on Josip the day after tomorrow.

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I figured you must be hungry by now.

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You're the tallest one.

I gave him a blanket.

The dog who he kept sometimes barked at strangers.


Terry is standing on the platform.

The house always wins.

Liz can't lift that crate by himself.


What do you study?

Is air travel becoming dangerous?

You lost the bet, didn't you?


I must find her.

You always take things too easy.

I don't think Ramanan is going to admit that he's wrong.

Would you tell Rebecca I'm back?

Hysteria is no laughing matter.


Do you have a lot of pens?

That's where the trouble lies.

The glove has a hole in the thumb.


I didn't have to open the letter. I knew exactly what it said.


We must respect each of God's creatures and respect the environment in which we live.

He has just as many books as his father does.

I have never heard of this actor.


I'm never going to do that again.

However, you have to queue...

We should respect the basic human rights of others much more their lives.


Have you been living under a rock with sound-proof walls?

You should never have let Randy do that.

We need each other.

We decided to let her alone until she stopped of her own accord.

That seems to be the problem.


Through obedience learn to command.


We've been there for about three years.


What happened to the German girl?

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The delegations of both countries met in Geneva.

Leonard turned and walked to the door.

Have you ever kissed him?

In case of fire, do not use the lift.

She is doing her homework now.


She seldom, if ever, goes out after dark.

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You're probably smarter than you think.

But I will always be honest with you about the challenges we face. I will listen to you, especially when we disagree. And above all, I will ask you to join in the work of remaking this nation, the only way it's been done in America for 221 years; block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand.

The teacher interpreted the sentence for us.

Tait thought that Eddy was probably not going to attend the event.

Leave me alone!


I think you've been set up.

Why don't we form a study group?

I feel like going out with him.

They say that Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

The family's circumstances are not easy.

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I'd like you to have dinner with me.


I don't really know her at all.


My mother wants grandchildren.

Pia was quite inexperienced with girls before he met Tricia.

I decided to tell the truth.

Why don't you just tell me what you want?

However, his girlfriend is selfish and hardly worries about Brian.


The yacht sailed around a buoy.

You caught the ball, didn't you?

I would like to go to the sea more.

It's this month's magazine.

The door doesn't lock.

The decision has been made.

He ran toward me as fast as he could.

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I am very reserved.

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Time waits and time forgets.

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I think we should really consider Barry's proposal.

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There are many urgent matters to attend to.