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Glad you are here. If you've been here before then thanks for coming back. We recently welcomed our son into this world and are enjoying every moment. We felt it was only fitting that we refresh the site — so, we've gone responsive. Please drop us a line. Let us know what you think about the new place.

“Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.”

Kristina Cahill

Kristina is a Mother and a multi-talented Manager with a varied background including team leadership, creative design, supply chain management, inventory management and research analyst roles.

Being part of both Large Enterprises and Research Agencies has given Kristina the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze enterprise level supply chain management strategies and manage large scale projects.

About Me

Marshall Cahill

Marshall is a Father and a multi-talented Product Manager and Business Analyst with deep knowledge of user experience and information technology.

Being part of both SMB and Large Enterprises has given Marshall the experience and skills necessary to grow and manage large-scale projects which yield multi-millions of dollars in revenue for the business.

About Me

Anson Cahill

Anson is a wonderful Son and skilled adventurer who loves long walks outdoors and opening new doors. Anson has a long track record of charming people and has the charisma to match.


Our Family

Family and love are the things that bring meaning and belonging to life. We sometimes take these things for granted but it is important that we reflect on the things that matter most. With much Aloha, enjoy some of our photos and do let us know if you wish to see more.

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“That which we are capable of feeling, we are capable of saying.”     -Cervantes

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