Wait for a while. I'll make you some.

They sought to punish him for his crime but he escaped.

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Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.

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I need only one cat.

She stole my heart.

I'm pretty sure Justin is upset.


None of the books are instructive.

Vicki dialed Starbuck's number and got a busy signal.

How many days did the Six-Day War last?

I'm pretty certain I haven't made any mistakes.

I'll find it myself.


This magazine helps me to keep up with what's happening in the world.


It's good to have you back!


What harm would it do if I were to go into the garden for a short time and enjoy myself among the trees and flowers, and the singing birds and fluttering butterflies and humming insects, and look at the dew-drops hiding from the sunbeams in the hearts of the roses and lilies, and wander about in the sunshine, instead of remaining all day in this room?

Don't tell Kinch about the party.

Are you still seeing Darryl?

No one admires him more than I do.

We knew we had to work hard.


Is it a house centipede?


Give me a chance!

Some people gain weight when they quit smoking.

I called off the picnic.

I need a police car.

He loved her.

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I'll go look for Caleb.

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I'm going to be late for school!

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It's my job to help Bjorne.

I don't think Walter will be busy this afternoon.

It doesn't ease my mind.


He ended up expelled.


I assume we're free to go.

She ran away with the eggs.

All that day my father was out of humor because he had lost his wallet.


I'm confident Matti can fix it.


It's difficult to speak with him.

It smiled.

It feels like it will rain in the afternoon.

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I need a nurse right now.

They could not stop the southern attack.

She sacrifies herself for the community.

I sent an email to them.

Kusum grew up in a small town in Australia.

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I think you've already met him.


All I want is money.

I don't want to lose any time.

The loneliness is a disease that makes me not happy anymore.

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Matt participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

How old is this tree?

His remark gave rise to trouble.

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I love your city.

Mathematics is an easy subject for me.

She was too tired to keep on working.

I had a similar problem when I lived in Boston.

That usually doesn't happen.


Just don't vote for her.


I drank a lot and can't remember much of what happened last night.

This fruit doesn't taste good.

Do you ever actually do any work?

As soon as Jingbai got Shamim alone, he told her the bad news.

I'm a little curious about that.

She's destroying her clothing.

Do you think it makes a difference?


Do you think something like that will repeat itself?


Rob swears like a sailor.

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Micheal is easygoing.

I feel we're speaking a different language.

I hear Boston is nice this time of year.

I'm going to take my vacation in September rather than July.

Deep in this forest, as the stepmother well knew, there was a green lawn and on the lawn stood a miserable little hut on hens' legs, where lived a certain Baba Yaga, an old witch grandmother.

There are some cookies in the jar.

Don't forget about me.

Sir must be making a mint.

How was the honeymoon?


A bolt of lightning flashed within the eyes of the little man.


I think it'd be fun to cycle around Australia.

Malcolm didn't have anything to do with the scandal.

I can't support him through this.

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Would you please consider that?


Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants with over 60 moons each.


Yes, he did. He really looked like a doctor.

The man whom we saw in the park was Mr Hill.

I lost my cat and job on the same day, and on top of it all, my wife announced that she was leaving me.

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Every march is composed of just a few steps.


This is a tower.

Pravin seemed hypnotized and followed the voice outside the tent.

I'll wear a white dress.

Gregor spent the day shopping for the trip.

He always takes notes.

Ross played with his kids.

I love rabbits ... with French fries and a good glass of wine.


Let's go at our work.

Friendship is a plant which must be often watered.

You must think I'm really strange.


Mike was at the sink washing dishes.

She quit her job.

What a lazy teacher!


My friend is seriously injured.

Nobody else bothered us.

There's nothing I can tell you that you don't already know.

Have you read "Structure and Power - Beyond Semiotics" by Akira Asada?

He carried the suitcases to our room.


There is an anteroom adjoining the library.

I've always been proud of them.

Clara always made me laugh.

Jianyun knows many things.

How many people were killed?

I might have something here that will help you.

Merril has to go shopping with his mother this afternoon.

I had a stabbing pain in my chest.

I thought that you had a driver's license.


I'll watch carefully this time.


Are we really sure that this is the real life?

I think it's a shame that some foreign language teachers were able to graduate from college without ever having studied with a native speaker.

He grabbed the rope and was saved.


Edmund always eats something before going to work.

Please tell them where they need to go.

Only the one who tries succeeds. But the one who only tries fails.


He can't handle it.

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How could I have possibly known that would happen?

I would have fetched the analyses.

The union was modest in its wage demands.

I can't function without you.

Look around you, Vick.

I can do both.

The people who stay in prison are called prisoners.

How much longer do we have to stay here?

I should be with her.


I don't want to go over it all again.

They searched the area between the river, the farmhouse, and the woods.

Rebecca goes to the same school as Kayvan does.

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I failed.


Randall lived in Boston until 2013.

Forvo is an international project which has set itself an unattainable goal and therefore always achieves opposite results.

I don't want to lose my girlfriend.


I am so sick of working.


They were murdered.


It was I that came here first.

Some astrologers believe that we entered the Age of Aquarius in the 20th century, while others think that we will have to wait until the 24th century.

Dan walked into the room where Linda and Matt were talking.

We'll miss you, too.

She tried to touch the golden crane.

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You'll never defeat me.

Lum has a part-time job after school.

Remember to put the chairs onto the tables after the lesson.

It's hard to keep a straight face when Walt and John get together; they're such a couple of cut-ups.

They decided to build a bridge.

May I use a pencil and some paper?

She's going to have a baby in July.

I wasn't really doing much of anything, so I decided it'd be a good idea to walk down to the cafe.

I know exactly what you mean.

Teach me how you do it.

Violence isn't necessarily the best thing, but sometimes it's a solution.