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Web Development

Web and software development or portals with CMS support, business solutions and web shops


Making analysis of companies to identify inefficient business processes. We offer turn-based strategy to reduce costs.


Development and implementation of CRM systems in the enterprise level businesses. Real-time analytics of business processes, resources and other factors.


Prototyping of electronic, mechanical, wireless devices of different complexity. Assistance prepared for production.

How we do it?

Our clients are in business; We engage them to determine their realistic needs and guide their expectations. We engage in their business process as closely as possible: the success of our clients is my success and we act as a force multiplier to harness talent, strategy and successful outcomes to the benefit of my client. Always a success? Failure is to be harnessed and learnt from the mistakes made, even in ultimately successful projects, to be mulled over and distilled into better business practice.

As such, We are our own entrepreneur, have prepared the product presentation, analyzed strategies, worked with executive business summaries, MVPs, and full length business plans, adapting our own path as we marry up lean technologies to actual business processes.

Other services

  • Project Management
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Data Security
  • Mobile App Development
  • Database Development
  • Audit & Analysis

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We need a meeting where we analyze your business processes and understand your pains and "bottlenecks" which can spend your resources inefficiently

02 Second step

Three days later you will get the strategy development and implementation of IT solutions that will make your life easier, optimize production and reduce costs

03 Third step

Implementation of simple and affordable solutions can help to save on expenses and increase profits right away


Some of the projects we participated in,
but not all of them :)

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We have a very diverse team of people who know and love their job.
I, Rostislav Pavlov, carefully select people according to the requirements of the project in order
to succeed and exceed expectations.
Sergejs Kolecenko

Sergejs Kolecenko

Ros Pavlov

Ros Pavlov

Project Manager

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