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I wonder if Boyce will be there.


You seem different today.

You know that once you're inside, you'll never be able to get out.

This is the chief aim of university education: to train the mind.

It's out of my hands now.

This is just a misunderstanding.

Matthew told Mikael he wouldn't go without her.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

"Daddy, why is the sky blue?" "Well, it just is."

The girl has an exotic image for the boy.


Mr Brown is looking for his own glasses.

I've been concerned about him recently.

Maybe Carsten didn't use the right kind of bait.

Syed doesn't know where Tal learned how to drive.

I appreciate you calling me.

The car left a cloud of dust behind it.

We were all laughing about that.

My wife is a senior citizen.

How's it going with your family?


Her English was surprisingly good.

One student says the purge is still going on in China and terror is widespread.

I don't think I would ever shop until I had to go into debt because of it.

Anita has tiny hands.

You might find this useful.

Albert should be sued.

I'd like a kilogram of sugar, too.

Can you hang on a second?

Dewey sat alone on the couch.


That was hot.


Alfred needs to get to the hospital.


What I wanted was water.

I'm becoming like my grandmother.

I got on the wrong line.

I just don't want to lose you.

What's the big hurry?

That looks like blood.

Spike is a believer.


There are many ways to be happy. The one I most like is being with you.

I'll go see what I can find out.

Jonathan would like to know whether you would like to come to his party.

This photo is too blurry. I can't make out your face.

Good-night, sweet prince; and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Do you have any money?

This certainly isn't a job where you can take it easy.

This is a very small book.

Those should be fine.

Do you feel all right today?

Your idea differs entirely from mine.

I really shouldn't ask, but could you go get some tofu for me?

I'll buy a gift for him.

They won't help us.

He abused our trust.

This bridge is in New York.

It wasn't your fault, you know.

Rakhal is even more handsome now.

I want a good dictionary.

It's completely illogical.

They work as hard as ever.

I'm so embarrassed I could dig a hole and crawl into it.

My interest is people watching.


We have new evidence to prove Suzan's innocence.

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They smiled at you.

It's stuck.

Do you have any sales distributors in Japan?

Please try again later.

So I'll come see you off.

I wish there were some other way.

The uprising was brutally suppressed.

Her parents didn't approve of her relationship with him.

I'm a tall doctor.

We read the meter once every two months.

Devon says he doesn't remember seeing Ravi at the party.

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"Is Sylvan on our team?" "No, he's on the other team."

Tait tried to hotwire the car.

It's an excellent wine.

The results were very bad.

Kee thought that he should go to Boston to be with Shadow.


He is accustomed to sitting up late.


Vince looked out the window and saw Drew playing with her dog.

The locality does not count for much in Japan.

What is it that "isn't only you"?

Was there something you wanted me to say?

Don't misunderestimate yourself.

Raja wore a V-neck T-shirt.

My secretary has a good command of English.


The bathroom sink is plugged.

We must prevent war at any cost.

Are you actually threatening me?

What the hell does she know about that?

We have had little rain this summer.

Just put it on the table.

He doesn't like tennis much, but he really gets carried away with football.

Manolis got his eyes tested.

I know that you still miss me.

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When I was a kid, touching bugs didn't bother me a bit. Now I can hardly stand looking at pictures of them.

Stupidity is also a gift of God, but one mustn't misuse it.

Mann has to do that now.

Art and Kimberly are close friends.

I need thread to sew on this button.

How long have you been planning this wedding?

I'm not so good at this.

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He failed the exam because he had not studied enough.


I was often at odds with my parents.

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We'll never get past those sentries.

I'm a man.

He has no wife, no children and no friends.

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Some things are never forgotten.

Boyce didn't seem to be busy.

'Verb' refers to the predicate verb. Predicate verbs change their form depending on the subject and the time expressed.

Lar is a lousy dancer.

The danger has passed.

The gross amount of the loss was larger than 100 million yen.

She didn't drink the milk.


Randy remained miserable in his marriage.

I told you it wasn't mine.

I never actually studied French.


Sigurd is really busy right now.

She stopped receiving a pension after she was caught committing fraud.

Yvonne went for a bike ride.

The hat stood out because of its strange shape.

Pat would've been extremely angry.

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I'm just totally squeezed out with your unceasing demands. You just ask too much of me.

Why can't you come here?

I don't know whether she will show up.

You have only to wait here for him.

Izchak cried when his dog died.


My mother tells me I have to go to bed by ten o'clock on school nights.


One who has no goals in life, lives only to die.

I woke up after midnight.

Don't you see what it means?


They ate cheese and crackers.

I'm having a hard time writing.

My father is dropping me off at the airport along the way.


Without your help, I would have been unable to do it.


We obeyed the rules.

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Noemi kept crawling.


Hsi put on his sweater.


She embarrassed me in front of my friends.

Roger Miller entered the United States Army at the age of seventeen. He was sent to an army base near Atlanta, Georgia.

Daniel is the only child of Jacob.

The writer is working on his new book.

The price of this computer is very low.

Consider carefully what you're about to say. You have a lot riding on it.

There's been quite a series of accidents lately.

She works 9-5 every weekday.

It's sand as far as the eye can see.


It's now official.


Shut that door and be quick about it.

He was elected captain of the team.

I'm glad the two of you are getting along with each other.

This is the first time I've ever argued with Penny.

The new hotel invited suggestions from the guests.

Dan set the tool shed ablaze.

Bryan confirmed what Bertrand said.

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These items must be returned to their rightful owner.

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The wind was blowing the day before yesterday.

Art is my niece.

Donna is a fighter.

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I want Geoff to come over and apologize to Rees.

You have beautiful legs.

I think you should go back with Vadim.


I make it a rule not to eat too much, for it is plain that overeating is bad for the health.

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They tricked me!