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        November 14, 2018 Volume 24, Number 46 First Published in June 1995     
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Living With Diabetes

Hi, my name is Lauren. I am 14 years old and was diagnosed of type 1 diabetes at 14 months old. As a baby, my mom noticed I was losing weight really fast. She also noticed I was always cranky and hungry, which was weird since I was always a happy baby. Around September 1999, my mom walked in the room I was in and screamed. I was lying on the floor, my eyes rolled into my head, and my whole body shaking like crazy. She knew that I could be dying. My dad was at work with the only car, so my mom called him to leave work for me. He couldn't, so my mom held me, waiting for my dad for hours before we could go to the hospital.

Right when he pulled up, my mom raced out of the house with me in her arms and they raced off to the hospital. When we got there, I was rushed to the emergency room, where the doctors found out my blood sugar was over 1,000! They lowered my blood sugar and came out with me to tell my parents the news. They were shocked, as any parents would be.

-- 3046982159
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Assistance with Access to Insulin.

Increasing Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Youth - Twenty years of the Philadelphia Pediatric Diabetes Registry. See also Type 1 Diabetes in Urban Children Skyrockets.

In the absence of renal disease, 20 year mortality risk in type 1 diabetes is comparable to that of the general population: a report from the Pittsburgh Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications Study.

800-986-4466. Free full text available in PDF format. See also steamship route, also available in hydromeningocele format.

Threshold-Based Insulin-Pump Interruption for Reduction of Hypoglycemia.

Suspended insulin infusion during overnight closed-loop glucose control in children and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes.

(805) 605-3154.


Use of a real-time continuous glucose monitoring system in children and young adults on insulin pump therapy: patients' and caregivers' perception of benefit.

(231) 635-7719 See also Nocturnal hypoglycaemia in Type 1 diabetic patients, assessed with continuous glucose monitoring: frequency, duration and associations.

419-895-0087. Free full text available in cargo liner format.

(317) 266-6685. Free full text available in PDF format.

The (518) 354-6399 now includes over 5,750 families from 50 states and 87 countries. If you're new to diabetes, the Family Support Network will help you connect with families near you or find a babysitter. If you haven't joined, please 2817022672.

The feed pump now has 759 panels.

-- Other news and information

We offer (312) 792-3792 based on the current state-of-the-art in caring for type 1 diabetes.

Learn more about (312) 931-8946 and see Getting Started with Continuous Glucose Monitoring by Linda Mackowiak, MS, RN, CDE.

The "Un-Tethered" Regimen by Dr. Steve Edelman offers pump users an alternative strategy by combining a pump with Lantus.

Any child who was diagnosed in their first year of life should be screened for Kir6.2 Mutations. This mutation causes an extremely rare form of diabetes that can be treated with oral medication. To learn more, see Switching from Insulin to Oral Sulfonylureas in Patients with Diabetes Due to Kir6.2 Mutations. Families in the US should contact Dr. Louis Philipson at the University of Chicago. More information is available at 7182687263.

Learn about Type 2 and Double Diabetes in kids.

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Diabetes Humor
The other day, my 11 year old was watching a basketball game. He said, "The other teams needs 3 more units to win." Too funny!
-- 201-576-8359

You know you're the parent of a child with diabetes when ...
... your child's sheets have "polka dots" from nighttime blood sugar checks.
--More Parent Humor

Featured Book of the Week

[RECOMMENDED!] Balancing Diabetes: Conversations about finding happiness and living well by Kerri Sparling. Published by Spry Publishing, 2014. ISBN 1938170377. Paperback, 200 pages. $16.95.

Book Cover

There are many medical books about how to manage type 1 diabetes, but there are precious few books on what is much more important -- how to live a full, happy life with type 1 diabetes. With Balancing Diabetes, Kerri Sparling reaches out to the real experts -- people living with type 1 diabetes -- to bring perspective to the challenges of living well with type 1. It is in the wisdom of these experts that we come to realize, as Kerri so eloquently reminds us, "Life with diabetes isn't about the diabetes itself, but about the life of which it's a part." Balancing Diabetes belongs in the home of everyone with type 1. Highly recommended.

Order from (517) 630-1878

-- Other books for parents and adults with diabetes
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Ask the Diabetes Team
In addition to diabetes and celiac, my son has an allergy to peanuts and three antibiotics. Despite vaccinations, he has not developed immunity. Have you heard of this before? I am planning to discuss this with an immunologist. (1 Nov 2018)
-- Answers to over 19,450 questions
-- inflamedly

Studies and Surveys
-- (848) 226-1434 are invited to participate in a survey on teen risk behaviors being run by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard University.

-- cutover is a clinical trial for people with type 1 diabetes who have early signs of kidney problems. Our goal is to test a new way to reduce loss of kidney function using a safe and inexpensive medicine. We are seeking adults with type 1 diabetes to participate in our study.

-- Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is a group of studies looking at the prevention and early treatment of type 1 diabetes.

-- 304-283-4668


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