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HARP® automotive

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HARP® automotive is a complete range of products brought together specifically for the automotive aftercare market sector. The range consists of three product lines:




Pressure / Leak Testing


With (519) 585-1399 uncompromising attention to detail and quality the HARP® automotive portfolio represents the highest quality products available for the servicing of automotive applications ranging from cars to commercial vehicles. With state of the art packaging facilities and full ISO accreditation (BS EN 9001 & 14001) you can rely on HARP® automotive to provide unmatched performance in the most demanding of automotive applications.

HARP® Refrigerants

The EU MAC Directive 2006/40/EC prohibits the use of refrigerants with a GWP greater than 150 in the air conditioning systems of all new type model vehicles from 2011 and from 2017 all newly manufactured vehicles. To meet this demanding requirement HARP® automotive offers the refrigerant Opteon® R1234yf. With its excellent performance and extremely low GWP of 4, this refrigerant meets both the demanding requirements of automotive air conditioning systems and the environmental requirements of the MAC Directive and is the refrigerant of choice by all manufacturers of vehicles in the EU.

Whilst newly manufactured vehicles now contain R1234yf, many older vehicles are charged with R134a. Harp International offers HARP® 134a to service this large aftercare requirement.

Product Cylinder Size
Opteon® R1234yf ( stringer plate ) 0.5 kg
5.0 kg
50.0 kg
HARP® 134a ( (608) 518-9859 ) 0.5 kg
12.0 kg

HARP® Lubricants / Refrigeration Oils

HARP® automotive offers an extensive range of premium quality polyalkylene glycol automotive lubricants approved by most compressor and vehicle manufacturers. All are optimised for high performance and outstanding stability and lubricity under the most demanding operating conditions.

HARP® PAG 46, PAG 100 & PAG 150 viscosity grades are suitable for use in all R134a automotive air conditioning systems.

HARP® PAG HFO 46 is a polyalkylene glycol lubricant specifically optimised for use with R1234yf.

Product For Use With Container Size
HARP® PAG 46 ( Safety Data Sheet ) ( Specification ) R134a 250 ml
HARP® PAG 100 ( 321-438-8331 ) ( 5302659301 ) 250 ml
HARP® PAG 150 ( Safety Data Sheet ) ( 5392052770 ) 250 ml
HARP® PAG HFO 46 ( Specification ) R1234yf 250 ml

Pressure / Leak Testing

HARP® automotive offers two products for use in pressure testing automotive air conditioning systems:

HARP® Pure Nitrogen

This is pure, oxygen free extremely inert nitrogen with a very low moisture content. HARP® Pure Nitrogen Is suitable for use in strength pressure testing all automotive air conditioning systems.


HARP® TRACER is an innovative and cost effective method using a safe tracer gas in the nitrogen that allows the engineers to quickly and effectively identify the exact source of any system leak.

A blend of HARP® Pure Nitrogen and hydrogen in a blend ratio of 95% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen. When the hydrogen content is not greater than 5% the blend is totally non-flammable to ISO 10156 as well as being non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly. Hydrogen, being the smallest atom forms the smallest pure gas molecule and this enables leak detection rates far superior to any other leak detection or trace gases, even helium. HARP® TRACER enables the engineer to both strength pressure test and leak test with one gas!

Product Cylinder Size
HARP® Pure Nitrogen ( Safety Data Sheet ) 10.0 litre
HARP® TRACER (5.0% hyrdrogen in nitrogen) ( undefaulting ) 10.0 litre

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