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Stop being such a hard-ass. Come on over.

Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly.

Elephants are divided into three different species.

As per commutative law, I understand that it is -(-x) = x, 1/(1/x) = x .

Tyler was arrested for public indecency.

Breakfast was very good.

I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.

Let's begin now.

I'm not here for you.

Julian craved attention.

What a crank he is!

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She traveled around the world.

Are you a journalist?

That's it for now.


Where exactly is he?


We are in need of some food.

What kind of odds are you giving?

Pierette doesn't know how to treat his employees properly.

Louiqa can't afford the kind of rent they're asking for.

Go play outside. It's a beautiful day.

How much is this handkerchief?

I might as well starve as do such a thing.

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He was nearly run over at a crossing.


Steven likes both Edwin and John.

There's no chair to sit upon.

You're not a kid anymore, you can take care of yourself.


My father bought me a camera for my birthday.


I always wash my face with soap and water.

The garage has rusted.

No one is near.

I thought that was great.

There's nothing else for us here.


I informed him of the result.


We eat apples.

You look great in this picture.

Pleased to meet you.

I appreciate your patience.

The wallet is in the bag.


Yesterday afternoon I wrote a letter.

She cooks for him.

He has not seen much of the world.


In the event that asbestos-covered mesh is found, ensure its safety by damping the asbestos portion to prevent dust release and wrapping in a plastic bag.

I wish you a nice weekend!

Her classmates do not appreciate her.

The profane language used on network television makes many parents with young children not want to subscribe to cable.

We follow the news quite regularly.

Philippe seems apprehensive.

We watch PBS.

I still have nothing.

I'm studying Farsi.

Languages that would have never found themselves together in a traditional system, can be connected in Tatoeba.

Move your ass!

What is in the backpack?

Pat's leg had gone to sleep so he was unable to stand up.


He killed himself.


I woke up at seven o'clock.

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The public demands answers.

That guy's amazing.

The prince asked for her hand in marriage in an elaborately planned proposal in the yacht.

I love speaking Spanish.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

This should be washed.

What do we have today?


I want everybody out of this room as soon as possible.

Ideas do not belong to anyone, they float in the air.

Critique of Pure Reason is German philosopher Immanuel Kant's chief literary work.

Experience is when you discover something you don't want to discover.

These pictures are beautiful.

I can't believe they were talking about me!

Please give Agatha something to eat.

I'd like to finish the job.

How come I didn't lock the door?


Thus spoke the Lord: "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth". That's a holy commandment that I cannot reject, since God works in mysterious ways. That's why I must try to procreate kids with any woman as often as possible. I wouldn't dare to disobey the Lord's will.

Some of the photographs lack definition.

When he was young, he liked to go by bike.

I think love does not exist.

You might want to try it sometime.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me in surprise.

I always liked her.

Please tell me what that means.

Stephan wants to cheer Franklin up.

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The people crowded around the boy.

Words can't express our gratitude.

I can't believe that you aren't at least willing to consider the possibility of other alternatives.

Geoffrey seems like a happy child.

Have a fantastic couple of days if I don't see you in classroom.

This puppet is my only friend.

We slept sitting up.


Antony is a professional.

In a sense, life is but a dream.

After you've eaten, you should get some sleep.

He is well able to pay the charge.

I'm afraid your watch is two minutes slow.

The station is pretty far.

I've got things under control now.

Do you think you're likeable?

I can't believe you're going to give away all your money.

Every Sunday, at exactly six in the morning, the priest opens the church doors and rings the bell.

You seem better.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

The journalists in Russia are not free, are not independent.

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This ticket entitles the bearer to one chocolate sundae.

Check it out.

Do you remember the day when we first met Stephanie?


They're having fun with this.

We should organize a party.

See you later, OK?

He asked me if I was happy or not.

That says a lot about you.


No one knows the answer.

He's Ukrainian.

Let's go in my office.

Let's wait till he comes back.

You're not crazy.


I've never seen them dance.

You don't need to know who gave this to me.

Excuse me, but will you tell me the way to the station?

Shakil is very observant, isn't he?

Get out of the bathroom once and for all!

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After school we play baseball with our classmates.

This is my song.

Corpora provide a rich resource for investigating language.

She has a good figure.

In a situation like this, there is nothing for it but to give in.

You're going to be just fine.

Every statement is false, so is this one!

Pat always drinks tea in the morning.

He grew up in small towns in Texas.


Anatole is the fastest runner in his class.


Would you like to go to the lake with us?

I hope you can come up with a better plan than this.

I felt as if a cold hand was touching me.

Where have you come from?

Phillip was the one who did that.

You were excellent.

I still like to do that sometimes.

Wilson and Nikolai are going to get married on October 20th.

Indeed, Pamela claimed that Maria had made no spelling mistakes, however he simply hadn't spotted them, since he himself has not mastered perfect spelling.

I think these are worth at least three hundred dollars.

Quality, not quantity.


If I'd known what you were going to do, I'd've tried to stop you.

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This fits perfectly.

Nobody knows what will happen next.

I'll inform Valeria about our decision.

Does this fit?

I didn't even hear him.

I've got some business to discuss.

The rebel was ultimately captured and confined to jail.

Rees will be home by midnight.

Socorrito said he was going to try out for his school soccer team.

Rob gazed at Val.

Andreas is temperamental, isn't he?

This town is so small that you can easily learn everyone's names.

This year is 2015.

I love her to death.

Julie and Mysore aren't talking to each other anymore.

Must I attend the party tonight?

Presently the plan is still in the air.

"Tatoeba" means "for example" in Japanese.

No one likes you.

Boy, was that a mistake.

We had the the procedures done yesterday but unfortunately, the machine won't be in operation until the engine is replaced.


I'm angry with Frederic.


Doug is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

He earns 300,000 yen a month.

My friend was beside himself with anger.

Her silence seemed to confirm suspicions that she was hiding something.

He comes alone.

The implication is clear.

Noise is produced by the sudden flow of current into a solenoid.