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Best Foot Cream Reviews – Ultimate Guide 2017

Our feet are so important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Think about it, our feet support the rest of our bodies every single day. It’s no surprise that feet problems can be devastating to one’s quality of life. That’s why it’s very important to care for your feet and even try to prevent harmful conditions before they occur. Foot cream plays a large role in achieving this. Whether you’re searching for athletes foot creams, dry foot cream or even the world’s best antifungal cream – we’ve got you covered.

What To Consider When Buying A Foot Cream

When you’re deciding which foot cream to buy, you’ve likely noticed the huge selection that exists. There are tons of foot creams on the market, some that work better than others and one for all the different types of conditions you may need to treat. And there’s a reason for this. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why you should avoid generic moisturizing lotions and focus specifically on all the different types of foot lotion out there. But this comes with a caveat. There is no one set best foot cream out there. It really differs from person to person, based on what you need and value. Basically, you will want to find the foot cream that’s best for your feet. This comes down to identifying what you are trying to treat. So let’s look at some common uses from dry feet to cracked heels, foot fungus and more. We’ve got the best foot cream suggestions for all of them!

Finding A Dry Foot Cream

When it comes to finding the best cream for dry feet, of course, you want to look into how well it soothes and moisturizes your feet. That will be your number one priority here. The other thing you may want to look for is how well it relieves itching. We all know how itchy dry skin can become. This way, you can prevent yourself from making it worse with this foot cream for dry skin.

Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels

We wouldn’t wish cracked heels upon anyone – and we’re sure you wouldn’t either. We know how painful they can be. Not to mention, how much of an eye sore they can be too. So when it comes to finding the best cream for cracked heels, you should look at more than just how moisturizing it is. Soothing your cracked heals is good, but we want to repair your feet, not just treat them. By looking at how well the cream repairs cracked feet will set you in the right direction. But don’t worry – we’ve done this far you in our selection of gold medal-winning foot creams. In it, you will find the best lotion for cracked heels.

How To Find The Best Antifungal Cream

Foot fungus is as horrible as it sounds. Part of the reason being that it can be very hard to get rid of for good. There are tons of horror stories about people trying foot cream after foot cream that just won’t get rid of the fungus. It can lead to smelly feet, itchy feet and general discomfort. Not to mention that you don’t want to spread it to others either. Knowing this, you’ll want a foot lotion that kills fungus fast and effectively – meaning it keeps it away for good. If you find a foot cream that relieves itching you’ll be thanking yourself for it. Oh, and in our list you’ll find foot lotions that smell good too! We’ve got all angles covered.

Finding the Best Athletes Foot Cream

Athlete’s foot is a skin condition caused by fungus – which means it can be contagious if not properly cared for. This is why you want to find yourself an athlete foot cream or athlete’s foot ointment. It can simply be cured in a week or two max with the right cream. This timeline will also help to prevent it from reoccurring. Lucky for you, we’ve picked out the best athletes foot cream for you.

A Separate Note On Diabetes And Foot Lotion

Foot care is extra important when it comes to diabetics. If you have diabetes, you need to take extra care in protecting your feet from infection. With the help of the right foot cream, you won’t have to worry. However, it is important that you start taking these steps even if they’re proactive – but especially if you are currently facing feet issues. Be sure to look for antiseptic ingredients that help to fight against infection and offers long-lasting protection.

A Final Note On Foot Cream Ingredients

On top of moisturizing, repairing and protecting your feet from infection, you should also consider some other aspects of the foot cream. For one, you should consider how natural the product is. It’s often recommended to use more natural products, especially essential oils. This way, you can be sure that you’re not pumping too many chemicals into your body without knowing what they really do. This is very important for people with sensitive feet or diabetes since it can have even more of an impact. And with that, let’s get into our recommendations of the gold medal winning foot creams.

Our Gold-Winning Best Foot Cream Recommendations

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner

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Heels so blistered and cracked that it hurts to walk? Don’t fear – O’Keeffe’s will come to the rescue. This foot cream is one of the best ones out here. Hence why we’ve given it a gold medal. We promise your feet will be in good care. Even those of us who won’t let anyone less than a professional treat their feet, this foot cream finds a special place in our nightly routine. Mainly for its ability to rid our feet of any dryness and cracks.

The cream is not very thick and should not be second guessed. This lets it soak into your dry feet very quickly as you apply the foot lotion. Even if you just use it once each night, you’ll notice the results fast. After you go through the full cycle, any signs of dry or cracked feet will be long gone. You won’t have to worry about your feet always looking dirty from the cracks and dry spots anymore. In other words, this is a cream that really will make your foot problems go away.

Want to know the best part? It will keep your feet feeling moisturized all day without making your socks a soggy mess. In fact, you can even walk around your home barefoot just a couple minutes after using the cream. And you won’t leave any greasy footprints on your nice floors.

For the best results, you should use the cream at night time with a pair of cotton socks. This way, the foot lotion will be fully absorbed. You can even help the process along with a pumice stone if you wish. Either way, this foot cream will sure do the trick.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner

All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream


This isn’t one of those foot creams that will make people leave the room when you apply it. In other words, your family members will thank you for testing this foot lotion out. You may even be able to convince them to buy it for you it smells so good. In fact, this All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream works wonders and smells refreshingly great. If you’ve tried other antifungal foot creams before, you’ll know how potent some of them can smell. You’ll take this for granted.

There are tons of stories about people who have switched to this foot cream and found that it’s actually an effective athletes foot cream. Even for people who claim to have tried everything and still find themselves getting athlete’s foot. This all natural athlete’s foot cream is the treatment you’ve been looking for. This cream will fully cure your feet of athlete’s foot. It will provide better protection against getting athlete’s foot in the future too. Although, you should still take the standard measures like not walking barefoot in public washrooms and showers. Even the best foot cream can’t save you in that case. Well, it will be able to treat it afterwards, but we want to be proactive.

As for the cream itself, it has a lovely scent that will complement its soothing effects. This makes it perfect for using in the evening as it may even help you to fall asleep.

Your feet will be feeling super soft before you know it. Not to mention, any itching will be gone for good too. Just keep using it once every night and watch as your feet clear up. And remember, it’s all natural. This foot lotion will fight the fungus without putting harsh chemicals into your feet. You can rest easy knowing it’s one of the best cream for athlete’s foot.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



Described as a “miracle cream” by many, this Organic Foot Cream for Dry Cracked Heels and Feet is one that you must know about. It can be tough looking at a shelf with an endless amount of labels and creams, but this is one that will stand out. Once you give it a try, we know you’ll agree for sure.

There have been so many stories about this cream we’ve lost count. Countless people have gone on to explain how they’ve never had any luck with a cream for cracked feet or a cream for dry feet. Well, that is until they tried this one. In fact, there have even been tales of people who had feet so bad they couldn’t walk some days. Again, that’s until they started using this foot cream. After using it, most people can’t believe the results. They’re in awe at how soft and smooth their previously scary feet now look. You sure won’t experience any foot pain from dry or cracked feet with this lotion in your back pocket.

The producers of this foot cream care so much about its users that they will email you a detailed foot soak recipe too. This way, you can make the most out of your purchase and really experience the results you’ve been waiting for. Oh, and it’s super relaxing too – that’s always a bonus!

And this isn’t one of those dry foot creams that just takes care of the cracks. No, it actually heals and repairs your feet too so it’s less likely to happen again. That’s why you can count on this foot lotion. It will take care of even the worst of feet – just be persistent. Your feet will truly feel like their being healed as you apply the best foot cream for dry feet and cracked heals.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



You can always rely on Neutrogena to come up with a soothing foot cream you can rely on. After all, they’ve proven themselves worthy with a number of products already. It really is no secret, which is why they had to be on the list. It was more a matter of picking through all of the options to find the best foot lotion for you.

This foot cream is so effective you’ll have no shame in sharing your previously treacherous feet stories that are going to become a thing of the past! Seriously, read some of the reviews on this cream and you’ll see. So many people describe having troll feet for years before using this cream from Neutrogena to completely change their lives. These stories turn into descriptions of how people can finally wear the open-toe shoes they’ve been dying to wear. And not have to worry about having their feet rubbed raw. You’ll be in much more comfort and never hold back on the shoes you want to wear.

This is a foot lotion you’ll want to recommend to everyone. From your grandparents to your parents to your siblings, kids and more. It really does work wonders. You won’t need anything else but this cream. No pumice stones, no pedicures, nothing – just this foot cream. It will soften and rid even the roughest and thickest of calluses. It will soothe and repair even the deepest cracked heals. Trust us, there really isn’t anything this foot lotion can’t solve.

For those of you with diabetes – this is said to be a very effective foot cream by others with diabetes. It will protect your feet and keep them in top condition, so you’ll never have to worry about them.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



Have you ever been in a nail salon or spa of some sort and wonder why their lotions work so much better than the stuff we have at home? It’s like they have access to some all secret, miracle foot cream market that us regular people just don’t know about. Well, your luck has changed. The Nu Skin Sole Solution is one of those secret foot lotions from the nail salons that we are now bringing to you. And you won’t have to spend and arm or a leg on it. We’ve locked it down for you here at about half the price that it normally sells for. It doesn’t get much better than that!

This cream will have your feet feeling silky smooth and you better believe it! It works extremely well which is why the professionals use it. In fact, your skin won’t just feel smooth right after you use it, but even for days after you use it. This foot lotion will bring life back to your feet – they’ll have never felt better.

You can finally say goodbye to trying all of your at home DIY methods of foot care when nothing else seems to work. This foot lotion really will rid your heels of any bleeding and cracking. Oh, and if you have someone that normally cares for your feet – they’ll definitely thank you for using this cream. Let’s just say it will make their job much more pleasant too.

The bottom line is that it’s an awesome foot cream. Some people even use it for other parts of their body since it works so well on their feet and heels. We’re talking elbows, knees, hands, and wherever you may find calluses or rough skin.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner

L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream


L’Occitane never disappoints and this sure holds true for its Shea Butter Foot Cream. It’s a noteworthy addition to their line of high quality skin care products. And when we say high quality, we really do mean top notch skin care products. You’ll know we’re not kidding around if you’ve used L’Occitane products in the past. In fact, you’ll know you can always expect the best from them.

The cream is thick and rich, but not oily so it won’t leave a mess behind you. With a touch of lavender, your feet will be smelling better than they ever have. Even the people around you may notice! All jokes aside, this foot cream is the real deal.

Since it’s so rich, you only need a little bit to see some magic. And magic as in silky smooth skin that is free of any dry spots or cracked heels. Sounds like a good life, doesn’t it? And to top it off, this adds a good protective layer to end off your foot treatment. So not only will your feet be smooth, but they will be protected. After all, if you’ve done all that work to care for them, why leave them exposed? Now you can have the best of both worlds. Never again will you have to deal with dry or cracked feet!

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



If you’re looking for a deep penetrating foot cream that provides a soothing effect like nothing else, you need to try the AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream. This foot lotion will surely keep your feet feeling soothed throughout the entire day. Seriously, so many people recommend this as their go to foot cream when they’re asked about long-lasting effects.

You can apply it when you wake up as it will absorb rather quickly. And don’t stop from putting it on before you go to bed too – your feet will be thanking you either way! Some people even only need to use it every other day since it works so well. This way, you won’t have to worry about missing one day of treatment and suffering huge setbacks to your feet repair. While it’s still important to keep to a routine, this provides some extra relief when things are busy. Although, it really is so soothing that you won’t want to go to bed without it.

In fact, it’s also said to help with dark aging spots on your skin. So if that’s an issue for you, then that’s another bonus this foot cream offers. Even if you aren’t experiencing these right now, it can be a great preventative measure. Why wait until it’s too late, right?

Really, you’re going to notice an instant difference as you rub this cream into your feet. It’s a very light cream, but it sure goes a long way — that’s for sure. It will soak in very quickly and moisturize for hours. This makes it especially great for those with sensitive skin. You should know that it is fairly strong scented to some though. That’s the only thing that holds some people back from this cream. It’s not an unpleasant fragrance though, just an intense one. However, other people say it has a light smell, which is probably those people who enjoy the flowery scent.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



If you’re on the hunt for a foot cream that will cool and relieve any foot pain you experience – this is what you need. The MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream exists to make sure you can go through each day and night without having to endure the full force of foot pain. This foot lotion will cool and soothe your feet and toes so nice that you’ll forget they even hurt in the first place. People have said it works much better than just using old fashioned ice. So you know it’s worth it!

Some people have also mentioned that it’s the only cream that works for more advanced feet conditions and those mysterious nighttime pains. You won’t have to worry about random shooting pains through the tops of your feet and toes. We know how horrible these can be, which is why we suggest you give MagniLife a try – especially if you suffer from regular foot pain. There’s no need to bear through it any longer.

And if you’re like those of us who have trouble going through a full night without experiencing severe foot pains that keep you awake for hours, you’ll seriously wish you discovered MagniLife sooner. People who use this foot cream can’t help but want to share it with others. That’s how good it works.

In terms of the foot lotion itself, it has the scent of a eucalyptus and menthol blend. Not necessarily the best of smells to everyone, but the results of this cream more than make up for it. Not to mention, that it costs much less than what the doctor will prescribe you. And, it works much better in giving you the pain relief you truly need. Just apply it at the start of your day and experience relief wherever you go.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner



The Urea 40% Advanced Foot Repair Cream is perfect for those of you with more severe cases that require deeper treatment. Oh, and the manufacturer has you covered. You can request further instructions that outline a system for advanced treatments and better results. This will take care of those issues we’ve let build up over time and simply won’t go away overnight. So it’s fine if you’ve left it. Even though it’s not the best idea, you’ve at least got someone looking out for you here. This goes for even the thickest of calluses and deepest layers of dead skin.

This cream works great when applied in the evening after you shower. It doesn’t hurt to add in some exfoliation with a foot file once per week too. Before you know it, your skin will be soft and silky again. Your skin will absorb the cream like its life depends on it. The blend of essential oils and urea really do work wonders. The oils especially will feed all of the new skin and leave those calluses and dry patches in the dust.

The smell of the foot lotion is described as having a minty presence to it. It will soak into your skin great as it’s neither super sticky nor greasy. You can rest easy knowing that just a little bit of this cream will go a long way. In addition to working wonders, it’s also very natural and safe. You’ll wish you had found out about this sooner.

Best Foot Cream - Antifungal Athletes Foot Dry Cracked Heels - Winner

(856) 516-2605


The Gold Bond Softening Foot Cream will cure even the driest and most cracked of all heels. Ask all of the people who have nothing but raving reviews about it. When it seems like super glue is the only option that will actually work to keep your heels intact, you know it’s time to give Gold Bond a try. This foot cream will not only soothe your feet in the most relaxing way, it will also repair those cracks. It will actually hold your heels together so they don’t crack day in day out.

So if you’re ready to get serious about taking care of your feet or are tired of searching for “the one” – we’ve made it easy for you. This is one of the best lotions for dry feet, cracked heels – you name it. This foot lotion is very thick and creamy. In other words, it will moisten your feet like you’ve never experienced before. It will soak deep into your cracked heels and work its magic. All without leaving a greasy residue, perfect for after you shower. It will not disappoint.

First, you’ll be welcomed with a more than pleasant blend of smells. Then the shea butter infused in this foot cream plays a key role in soothing your feet. It’s what keeps your feet feeling moisturized hours after you’ve applied this foot lotion. Its rich consistency will keep your feet protected all day so you don’t have to worry about coming home to raw feet. You’re going to fall in love and find yourself using it every day. It’s one of those things you’ll undoubtedly make time for knowing how good it feels. Enjoy using the best lotion for dry feet.

The Final Verdict On The Best Foot Cream

It’s like we said from the start. There is no one best foot cream for everyone out there. Instead, there are the best foot creams for each individual person. Remember, it comes down to the outcome you’re trying to achieve and the condition you’re trying to treat. Someone looking to cure athletes foot will need something a little stronger than someone with mildly dry feet. In the same vein, someone with diabetes may need a foot lotion that offers more protection than others. All in all, we’ve broken it down and provide you with 10 gold medal winning recommendations to help you make your choice right here. You really cannot go wrong with any of the foot lotions we’ve listed. Each one will leave your feet feeling silky smooth with strong, healthy and clear skin. Welcome to a new life!