The score is one all.

If this be treason, make the most of it.

Pierette is quite different.

I've got to go to another dreary meeting tomorrow.


How would you like your eggs?

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The only problem is where do we start looking?


I would've said no.


You never wanted children, did you?


You guys should really be wearing gloves.

Do you like Earl Grey tea?

Stabbing: It can fix EVERYTHING.


Toft wants to break Frederick out of jail.


His answers were caustic.

There will be other chances to do this later.

She's afraid of the dark.

You have no idea what's going on here, do you?

They tried to use an iron bar to pry open the lock.


Thank you for telling us that.

The point at which an embryo becomes a fetus has apparently been chosen arbitrarily.

This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard.

Jack doesn't know where Jonathan learned how to drive.

No matter how capable you are, you're not going to get a promotion.

It's an apple and it's on the table.

When it comes to raw fish, I feel disgusted.


You've been sitting here all afternoon. Are you waiting for someone?


We're a long way from home.

I think we can manage.

That's a good deal for Sandip.

What were you doing down there?

I had my bicycle stolen last night.

Liz is just jealous that we're having so much fun.

I must hurry to catch the train.

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Consuming less fuel is better for the environment.

I think it's time for me to get my eyes checked.

In most elections, whichever candidate gets the majority of the votes, wins the election.

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I'm not dressed.

"You'd better come in," the man said.

I'll do any kind of work.

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Which of you was here first?

Calhoun wanted to be the next president.

I don't own a guitar.

Johnny felt his way in the dark.

Niall says he only drinks one beer a day.

When are you going back to Italy?

A space is missing before the colon.

All flowers smell sweet.

The Moon orbits the Earth.


His sense of humor was self-deprecating, a sign of his low self-esteem.


He lives hand to mouth and never saves a cent.


She made use of all the left-overs.

Be wise and pray to a merciful god.

Whatever she told you, it's not true.


Let me have a look.

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Why is Latin important for the life of a person?

What a genius he is!

It was a pleasure to meet you Stella, I am so sorry for whatever I said to irk you the wrong way.

I congratulate you on a job well done.

It was less than fifteen dollars.

Frank says he isn't willing to take any risks.

Panos complained about the high prices.


Mongo was adventurous.


I need you to stop talking.

No one had umbrellas.

Life doesn't always work out the way you want it to.

How much public money has been spent on that project?

The meaning of life for most people fits into three letters: ESS - eat, shit, sleep.

As our taxi broke down on the way, we had to walk to the station.

Syed won't be here next month.

He is just a minion of the minister.

I'd like to buy this computer.

I'm making some changes.

All systems are go.

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They are no more alike than a cow and a canary.

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This morning the weather was so bad that I had to take a taxi.

He thought he could escape scott free with his erroneous sentence.

Humor me.

We cannot but rely on your help.

It doesn't seem so good.

What does Gunter want me to do?

Let's concentrate on what needs to be done today.

If you look over there, you can see a defunct water tower.

I've only got a minute.


Better to die standing than to live on your knees.


Where is a toilet?

It is high time we reconstructed new family relationships and formed a comfortable life.

I speak French much better than Florian does.

Kinch didn't know he'd hurt anybody.

Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 and became the first woman in space.

I felt my heart beating wildly.

We won't allow this to happen.

She doesn't have a babysitter, so she can't go to the party.

Ten years have passed since I came here.

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Do you want to talk about it now?

How easy is it to learn English?

You can hang out with us if you want.

I was out all day.

At this age, the meaning of life began to interest me.

Why didn't you tell us you knew French?

Can I have my job back?

He wants to embody his ideal.

She wrote a paper on feudalism.

Darryl has been working since late last night.

Chewing gum is a sweet which is made of rubber.

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Who listens to him?


When are you going back to your own country?

Things went very smoothly.

Set some money apart for marrying.

As much as I would like to help you, I can't.

Babies have big heads.

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All men are equal according to the law.

I hope you will try.

He flipped the switch and threw the room into brightness.

Do you have any idea who would do this kind of thing?

Show her the picture.


Have you seen Anita medical records?

Several birds were flying in the air.

She won the contest.

Could you do me a favor and call a doctor?

To tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid.

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I still think about him.

That's the last thing I want to do.

I broke his heart.

Today's competition should separate the men from the boys.

I don't know why the English pronoun "I" always appears with a capital letter.

We must sleep at least eight hours a day.

Did you slash Antony's tires?

The room looks different after I've changed the curtains.

Which is the most densely populated country in the world?

Why did Guido agree to help Sharan?

Stop, or I'll shoot.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.

I've never trusted Slartibartfast and I don't think I ever will.


I hear from him once a month.

I'm not leaving without Alberto.

The baby has presumably swallowed the pacifier.

I made my brother go to the station.

I'll give you anything you want.

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I will never forgive you.


It's disconcerting.


For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.

Is this word in common use?

The car is in front of the garage.

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She is deaf to my advice.

What will Cristopher and Prakash do?

It is cheaper than chemical fertilizers.


She left her children.


Kevin hasn't eaten supper yet.

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That doesn't mean anything to me.

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"Shut up," he whispered.

Hey man, take it easy. I'm just messing with you.

Take this pill. It will help you sleep.

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The Earth's axis is not straight up and down, but tilted a little bit. This tilt is responsible for us having seasons. Otherwise, the temperature would be pretty much the same all year long.

Are you hiding from her?

He's not one of us.

She is wise and you are no less so.

Sorry I startled you!

Almost all of Lynne's money goes to supporting his family.

Axel hasn't finished his training.

No one should have to put up with this.

It's not going to be cheap.