Can I take it home?

I said I'd help.


He is a famous merchant.

I'm impulsive.

I just want you to know I'm sorry.

She kissed him deeply.

I'm not a mind reader. You need to tell me what you want.


Does Anthony already know?

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How did you get through anesthesia?

Is there something amiss with her?

Keep an open mind.

That's welcome news.

Can you help me install this software?


Have you told him already?

I don't know anything about how to play golf.

It is difficult to give up a long love suddenly.


You're pale as a ghost.

I want Think to stop.

Dan is asleep on the couch.

I want to catch the 11:45.

His brother watches TV all the time.

Why would I worry?

Please make a donation.

Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done.

Who are those people?

I eat tartine with jam.

I haven't yet gotten used to how they do things here.

Is everybody hungry?

The autopsy results suggested that she died due to a heart problem.

The opencast lignite mines in Germany cover tens of square kilometers.

She likes to go dancing with her friends.


I've never been better.

I never should've come here.

I can only take so much.


Are you sure she can do it?

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What's this stuff here?


It's already stopped.

I'm dying to see it.

She is drop dead beautiful.

I thought that he knew everything about Japan.

John said, "That's a beautiful tune."

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We could use some new ideas.

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Do you have a letter opener I could borrow?

Do you see any similarities?

I live in Tehran.


I'd like to try doing this without your help.

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I met her in France.


The people rebelled against the king.

Can you tell me how to do this?

Everyone's life is complicated.


Luis is such a nice boy!

Mickey is always trying to be cool.

Klaus and Kamiya work really well together.

He believes in the superstition that 13 is an unlucky number.

It was just a one-night stand.


Five years have passed since I came to Japan.

"Whose bracelets are these?" "They are Majda's."

Now he is sketching an apple.

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A fire broke out at the inn where they were staying.

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Is it true that you bit your sister?

Sandeep is using the blowtorch.

Just be careful of the stairs.


We have everything we want.


Is Mayo partially to blame?

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A burglar broke into my house while I was away on a trip.

The owner of the flat speaks excellent English.

She is like a mother to me.

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You are important.


It can be expensive.

What do we do now?

We need more than ten cases of beer for our party.

Know thyself.

The idea is good. There is just one problem: Ssi has not yet said yes.


Donovan couldn't stand being alone with Shaw.

No one likes you.

Gypsy won't be home for dinner tonight.

Have you got needle and thread?

Will you be finished soon?

Debbie doesn't look too sure.

Please don't talk.

Naoto promised that he'd take care of Sharan.

You too can easily become a millionaire... if you are a billionaire.

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On what business did you come here?

Toby is anxious about his future.

She is very frugal, not to say stingy.

I don't see why I had to come along.

She went to the United States for the purpose of studying English literature.

Mario needed some time to think things over.

It seems hopeless.

A committee of experts determines how to allocate the money.

I intend to go on doing so.

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I can't not work again.

She's the boss around here.

This is fantastic!

Luna declared independence from Terra in the year 2231.

Are you two a couple or something?

Send the kids to bed.

Our country needs to learn how to compete in the new global economy.

There's a lot we don't know.

I tore the picture out of the album.

You can speak freely, Patricio.

Don't blow it.


My idea went against his.

The train came out of the long tunnel forming the border, and there was the snow country.

Until I entered the university, I had no experience of reading even a single book except comic books.

Do you think Fay didn't go because of what I said?

I go for a jog every morning before breakfast.

Do all that is necessary.

My elder sister is afraid of all doctors.

Don't admit anything.

What's happening here at 2:30?

Is there anything in particular you want to do?

There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power.

You should not spend more money than you earn.

We don't have the space.

We're all loaded.

He had trouble breathing.

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I suggested to Leo that he shouldn't trust Cristi so much.

I wanted to make several phone calls.

Why don't you call in sick?

My favorite word in German is the word for "glove".

Tovah was unimpressed.


Just leave Ravi alone.

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I'll see you at the restaurant.

The children are clamoring to go to the zoo.

I'll fix that.

What would be best for Jeff?

Now get lost.

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They felt good about themselves.

Come and tell me in my room.

What's the difference between lions and leopards?

I think I should've brought more money with me.

He had a hungry look.

He will answer for his crimes.

Is there a car that seats twenty-five?

That inn is 5,000 yen a night, meals excluded.

How well do you play the violin?

She gave him his first kiss.

Are you sure you won't change your mind?

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Are you coming to Rio for the Olympics?


About how many books do you have?

A skilled mechanic earns decent wages.

The flower needs watering. The leaves are already wilted.

I'm visiting my boyfriend in Canada.

A rose has thorns on its stem.

It occurred to me that I had left my bag on the train.

Dennis likes to observe birds.

I'm so mad I want to scream and break everything!

You're the one who wanted me to come, Hy.

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Don't say that to your mother!

Chet is almost always at home on Sundays.

The old woman sent a servant for the trunk.

When did you join the force?

I have a book about fishing.


I can't play Flappy Bird.

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Do you know Murphy's law?

"What good people," thought Pinocchio to himself. And forgetting his father, the new coat, the A-B-C book, and all his good resolutions, he said to the Fox and to the Cat: "Let us go. I am with you."

Long story short, I was fired.

He's a bit younger than me.

You can call me at any time you like.

He has a good heart.

Ethan looks very pleased with himself.

Kathy and Lou had a lavish wedding with no expense spared.

His daughter is quick in her movements.