There is a lot of snow on the roof.


I bought that book for Joni.

Saul was in a hurry so he left his bed unmade.

Once you go Mac, you'll never go back.

My heart started racing.

I'll make an effort to get up early every morning.

We became very good friends.

Donal hasn't been able to come to school because he's in the hospital.

Language is a bridge, not only for our contemporaries, but also between the past and the future.

I have a pair of shoes.

The moment he saw me, he waved to me.

I don't want pizza. I'm not hungry.

I can't come because I'm in London.

Marguerite looked annoyed.

What are your recommendations?

You are exactly like your mother.

The fuel shortage awoke the country to the need for developing atomic energy.

I'm calling to answer your question.


They cannot stop him.

I have an appointment with him at noon.

They clamored emphatically against the nuclear tests.

His lecture disappointed us.

Kent was very upset.


Are you sure you can handle it?

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What caused that?

He gave his life for his country.

I must convince him.


After sowing seeds, it's important to thin out the seedlings if they seem too crowded.


I have just received your letter of the ninth.

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I don't want you to do anything you're going to regret.

I've been asked to help out.

You promised me that you would help.


Prices are going up every day.

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I won't mention it again.

I love my teammates.

Quality of life was worsening.

My head really aches.

She was scared at the sight of the dead body.


No one excels him in English.

I'm unprejudiced.

I would like a room.


I just don't like Roxane.


I've known you for a long time.

I thought Donald was bluffing.

Let's not discuss this.

Is this safe to eat?

I have a request to make.

We made some squirrel-shaped cookies.

Sandy believed in Duane's innocence.


That was a dumb thing to do.

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What's Devon complaining about now?

I'm looking for my gloves.

I don't mind if the weather is hot.

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Everyone will be hungry.

These things do happen.

She picked me an apple.

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This sentence already exists.


That's our new boss.

Where did you hide my passport?

Is this your pencil?

He got his shirt mended by his wife.

This isn't where I parked my car.

The rain fell relentlessly all day long.

Jacobson is a little under the weather.

That was his personal opinion.

I think you should call her.

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I found my dog lying under the tree in our yard.

The road turns left there.

I was very happy there.


The driveway needs to be shoveled.

Keith is evidently sick.

He was extraordinarily important in your life.

I know his secret.

He went to the store just as it was going to close.


Nathaniel caught a glimpse of the driver as the train raced past.

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It won't do any good to argue with the manager.


Let's take them with us.

He lived there all by himself.

Why do you think Mac came back?

I'm sorry, I fucked up.

I heard someone come in.


The gardener turned out to be the murderer.


I'm friends with the owner.

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But do you like it?

What's that got to do with us?

That's what I promised.

To become a world champion boxer, technical proficiency is not enough; you need to be driven by a real fire in the belly.

He is three years my senior.


I don't know anything about cricket.


A fresh layer of snow covered the street.

You ought to get into the habit of brushing your teeth after every meal.

The whole school agreed to the proposal.

I killed her by drowning her in a tub filled with Neo Kobe pizza.

Were you home yesterday?

I want to live by myself.

We lost it.

What are you going to do with this car?

Nobody likes to be made fun of in public.


I forgot that I was supposed to be there yesterday.


That's my job, not Jacobson's.

I've seen her around.

Somehow I doubt it.

We should all be protesting this.

Is mankind coming close to its end?

Where the fuck his hand is going?

Nanda looked around at the mess.

Panacea was lured into a trap.

He's pretty wise but too self-confident.


I left school early.

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When Scrooge awoke, it was so dark, that looking out of bed, he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his chamber.

Clifford said that he used to live in Boston.

What's the minimum salary in Canada?

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I tried to get them to tell me.

Now try this.

Mason stared at Stephen intently.


Their generosity is much appreciated.

When I was little, grandpa and grandma would come to baby-sit. At night in bed grandma would read to me. Or grandpa would tell a story.

No sailboat is faster than this one.

She stared at him with hatred.

If anything happened to Ravi, I wouldn't forgive myself.

How many times did you get shot?

Will you manage to repair my car?

I don't want you to apologize.

You know exactly what I mean!

She kissed us on the cheek and wished us a good night.

I agreed with that.


That was two days ago.

Janos is fortunate.

Is Malus on board?

I had my military service in Ankara.

Rise and shine, Phill.

We don't know yet.

Everybody was so up in arms but it seems they got all panicky about nothing.

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He has another woman in his life.

I'm not experienced enough.

Konstantinos doesn't want to answer Travis's message.

My pudding was really delicious in the end.

I'm a teacher.

We spent happy days there all the summer.

Joel is swimming in the river.

He comes to visit us every now and then.

The cones of the jack pine, for example, do not readily open to release their seeds until they have been subjected to great heat.

Hunter had to go there alone.

Becky doesn't hate people, he's just asocial.


I sure wouldn't mind a sip of some fine almond liqueur right now.

She's nuts.

It's been changed.

The country's economy depends on agriculture.

Marilyn Monroe's success did not make her happy.

Whether you succeed or not, you have to do your best.

Close your eyes for a moment and look for the answer.

I answered with joy.

I wanted to win the prize, but failed.

After the accident, the police told the crowd to keep back.

I make it a rule to take a walk around the nearby pond in the evening.

Volunteers are needed.

I never imagined that I could be as contented as I am with you as my companion.

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I'm being sarcastic.


Ron took his shirt off.


I lost something very important to me.