I saw some swimmers floating on the lake in their life jackets.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.

My tooth ached when I had ice cream, so I might have a cavity.

Life under Marshall's roof was unbearable.

Am I handsome?

People reported a shooting at Jackson street.

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The facts don't correspond with your assumption.

Prohibition is hereby officially prohibited.

My neighbor always mows his lawn on Sunday mornings.

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What are they doing over there?

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Do we have to help her?

A hungry man is an angry man.

I've been fairly busy.

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Last year was a pretty tough year for us.

The dancers spoke a little and only with each other.

Do you really want me to go?

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Let's take a break, shall we?

This room rents at 50 dollars a week.

They have devised a cure for this illness.

You've been my friend for a long time.

Don't give them to her.

Don't fall behind other companies!

We made an appeal for support.

They had seven children.

Will we ever see you again?

Please tell me the reason why she got angry.

Yamanaka looks young for his age.


That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

We shall leave for home as soon as it stops raining.

Don't show this to them.

Carol was completely shell-shocked after Gigi dressed her down for being late for the meeting.

Put it into a paper bag.

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Georgia is his native country.


It was a very big room.

Dick showed a willingness to help us.

He is as punctual as a clock.

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Life is interesting.

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I told them I couldn't do it.

Are aliens real?

I wish I could get Marilyn to talk to me.

You all display similar behavior.

Brender is a little shocked.


I went to the same high school as Michelle did.


Do I annoy you sometimes?

I rushed to Grannie's house and it wasn't locked, so I went inside.

I want to visit Egypt someday.

He made a resolve to stop smoking.

Jason has been bullying other kids at school.


They say that traditional Vietnamese feasts are living museums.

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting.

I'm going to leave about ten in the morning.

In regards to practicality, the world seems to be governed by varying degrees of fuzzy logic. In other words, things aren't so black and white as you may think at times.

I felt kind of sorry for him.


She explained the word.

Congratulations on your anniversary.

You are welcomed in our class.

Are you really going to do that by yourself?

Why is this thing expensive?


Organic food is healthier.

The number of houses being built was dropping.

I'll tell you an interesting story.

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Someone cut the rope.


The school used its computer lab funds ineffectively.

The mountaineer was as hungry as a wolf.

I have a theory about her.


If I were with you, every day would be summer.

You don't want to go in there, Himawan.

Rafaela is an Italian name.

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It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

Which films are showing now?

Tad knows this.

Nhan met Cory while he was staying in Boston.

Mother bakes cookies on Sundays.

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You should hurry.


This sentence has not previously been added to the Tatoeba project.

Liza stated the obvious.

Dublin is a wonderful town.

It was stupid of you to have turned down the offer.

Wayne came in first in the competition.


Man is a social being.

He returned to Japan after graduating from college.

We don't want this one.


Malloy is prepared for this, isn't he?

If it were not for examinations, how happy our school life would be!

He has a large borrowing from finance banks.

This small Pacific island nation is threatened by climate change.

I don't want them to come.

You know it's true.

I'm going to turn Colin in to the police.


You'd better come.

Is Mr. Al-Obaid here?

I think Art likes me.


Have you ever heard someone speaking in French?

The cold soon penetrated his quilted jacket.

Learning a language when you are over 70 years of age is difficult.

I want you to wait for me.

Kimberly should've gone home earlier.

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That man who committed that crime was out of his mind.

My brother is eight years older than me.

Suresh broke one of the rules and was kicked out of school.


Now it would be better to keep a sharp lookout for what he might do.

They listened to the President making a speech over the radio.

I promise that I will be here tomorrow.

Are you interested in baseball, Tigger?

Don didn't give me back my money.


I think we can handle the situation.

I told him where we'd gone.

That is his house.

Takayuki was horrified at the sight.

Line up and walk to the door in order.

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You always do whatever you feel like doing.


He never brushes his teeth.

Neither goal has been achieved.

I won't let Janos die.


Drink some tea.

I can hear the loud sound of rain. So it must be raining heavily.

In spite of our congratulations, he frowned and turned away.

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The phlebotomist scared herself by practicing her craft on a balloon.

She will work.

Lessons begin at 9 and end at 4.

I told you about that.

She is homesick.

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Kelly didn't get the irony.


The room was crowded with furniture.

Don't play with that key!

He carried a knife or something similar.

Jon is the cutest boy in our class.

She does not listen.


Did she say anything else about me?


I'd like to go around the world on a boat.

If everything happens for a reason, does that reason have a reason to be?

The Doctor took his usual position, opposite to Grace.

I was the last one to see Donal.

He never pays attention to what I say.

How are you doing, Blake?

There's hella empty seats over there.

"I'm going to Hawaii next week." "Really?"

We should not put restrictions on foreign trade.

The car accident took place just in front of me.

Po was reading a newspaper in the lobby when I last saw him.

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I like learning old languages.

I was hunting.

Just tell the truth.

You don't understand. He'll kill you.

My father is proud of being handsome.

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Ric's apartment is located within walking distance of the city center.

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It's one o'clock.


Lana usually wears glasses.


Why do you treat Kriton like this?


Torsten looked down at his glass and saw that it was empty.


You're always so worried about what other people think.

Moran hasn't seen Rodney more than five or six time in the past twelve years.

You took an airplane from Paris to New York.

He doesn't live there anymore.

Where does the truth end and the lies begin?


Johnathan can't take this case; he has a clear conflict of interest.