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Do you want to engage your customers more? We can help you connect with them before, during and after their visit.

The new custom branded RetailLocator App is designed to improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and enhance the retailer’s brand. Features include location analytics, shopper background data, push notifications, geofencing and the ability for shoppers to receive turn-by turn directions to find a department or an item on a shelf.

RetailLocator Find A Product

Help customers find products with easy to follow directions.

  • Turn-by-turn directions to quickly find a department, find a product in an aisle or on a shelf
  • Location analytics enable relevant offers on a timely basis
  • Shopper background data to enable age & gender specific offers

The app is database driven so changes in your product and price data are automatically updated into the app. Etelu’s platform substantially reduces the time required to develop industry leading apps to about 60 days and also simplifies maintenance and updates. Additional features are available and are easily included in or added to the completely customizable app.

Features Include:

Find a Product – The app provides information about products plus will navigate to their location in the store.

Find a Department – The app enables you to locate a department and will navigate customers right to it.

Find a Store – The app enables customers to locate your store and navigate straight to it.

Parking – Check out the map to identify all public parking areas and to get information about each.

Geofencing – Generate analytics and insights based on shopper location near and inside your stores. Deliver relevant content to shoppers based on entering, moving about or leaving your stores with our geofencing triggers.

Special Offers – Further utilize the geofencing feature to offer discounts for goods and services.

RetailLocator Shop by Departments

Customers can browse for products by department.

Other Items include:

  • Shopping Cart – check out and payment features for shopping in the app
  • QR Code Scanner – quick access to information
  • Recent News – provide the latest announcements about products
  • Transit Information  – plan a route to a store location
  • And more…

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices
iPhone: requires iOS 4.2 or later
Android: requires v2.3.3 or later

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Health Care Best Mobile AppEtelu was recently announced as a Finalist in Ragan’s 2013 Health Care PR and Marketing Awards, which celebrate advancements in health care marketing and your imagination and innovation as a communicator.

We were recognized in the “Media: Best Mobile App” category for our development of the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center MediLocator app. The app allows users to navigate within the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, as well as find PeaceHealth doctors, medical professionals, buildings, labs and clinics. Additional features allow include Patient Surgery Smart Tracker, Web Nursery, Email Patient and local food & accommodations.

This app project impressed the PeaceHealth network, and Etelu is currently developing a MediLocator app for their nine campuses in the Northwest U.S.

View the complete list of 786-466-0523.

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615-975-7730Sweet Green Fields, a leading producer of natural sweeteners from stevia, needed a quick microsite to promote a new opportunity for new and existing customers. The site needed to provide a concise description of a new program and provide a way to contact the sales team.

Etelu created a one page site design with a contact form at bottom. The site provides a simple and uncluttered solution for customers to learn about the new program. So that customers can easily read the information on the go, the site  is setup for responsive display on tablets and smartphones.

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MediLocator screensMediLocator app icon

iOS App: v1.1  |  Database: v1.5
Android App: v1.1  |  Database: v1.5

Download the PeaceHealth St. Joseph (Bellingham, WA) MediLocator App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Use this app to navigate to locations within the PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, as well as to PeaceHealth doctors, medical professionals, buildings, labs and clinics. View maps of the medical center, get directions and get information about facilities through the St. Joseph web pages.


(360) 294-3709


PeaceHealth SJMC iPhone app

Western Washington University

CampuLocator Apps logo(740) 359-2575

iOS App: v1.1  |  Database: v1.5

The new WWU (Bellingham, WA) CampuLocator App will help you find your way around campus plus find your professor, your classroom, a specific building, and restaurants on and off campus. We will help you navigate your way around the campus as well as inside the buildings. We have mapped all of the buildings and will help you navigate your way inside of them.

Features Include:

Find an Instructor – The app features all contact info for your instructor that you can call them, email them or navigate to their office

Find a Classroom – The app enables you to locate your classroom and will navigate you right to it.

Find a Building – The app enable you to locate your building and navigate straight to it utilizing all of the Western Washington Walking paths.

Parking – Check out the map to identify all public parking areas and to get information about each.

Transit – Check out the map to identify all transit stops.

Other Items include:

  • QR Code Scanner
  • Athletics Events
  • On Campus and Off Campus Restaurants
  • Coupons – Local businesses offering a variety of discounts for goods and services near you.  Just click on your mobile device to use the coupons
  • Events Calendar – check out what is happening on campus
  • Accommodations – visitors can find accommodations close by
  • Medical Services
  • News
  • Transit Information  – plan your route
  • University Forum – stay connected
  • Visitor Information
  • And more…

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Requires iPhone 0.S 4.0 or later