Our mission is to educate and equip the traumatically brain injured with recovery resources, and, thereby, empower the traumatically brain injured to see beyond their injury and achieve the unimaginable success that is uniquely available to them and them alone.

The Voice of TBI (VOT) began with an idea to help traumatically brain injured (TBI) persons in the summer of 2017. This idea came about in a conversation between two unlikely people: Cameron Fathauer—the seminary student, and Matt Schad—the lawyer. Fathauer was interning with Matt at the time and had an increasing desire to help TBI persons ever since his own traumatic brain injury back in 2015. Schad also had an interest in helping TBI victims because many were his clients at his Indiana law firm, Schad & Schad Trial Lawyers.

The duo began acting on their ideas in the simplest ways possible. For instance, Fathauer had been blogging for over three years at the time, so he began to write on the topic of TBI. Some of his writings were posted on the firm’s website and shared with other TBI clients. Schad, on the other hand, began to record the unique experiences he had with TBI clients, which further developed his compassion for their welfare.

Fathauer’s personal connection to helping fellow TBI victims, coupled with Schad’s multitude of ideas and resources, led to the founding of VOT. Today, the Voice of TBI is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, uniquely personal, non-for-profit organization led by Cameron Fathauer with the assistance of the Brain Injury Association of Indiana, Schad & Schad law firm, and the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana.

The Voice of TBI uses a three-fold method of empowering, educating, and equipping to better alter and accelerate one’s TBI recovery. All three of these approaches are used in the online sessions and in person meetings. VOT empowers participants to reevaluate their circumstances through a variety of personal, psychological, and philosophical perspectives. This is the mental side of the program. VOT educates by providing participants with TBI experts ranging from leading medical doctors to professional TBI counselors. This is the awareness side of the program. VOT will equip TBI persons with the necessary resources to maximize his or her recovery, which includes, but is not limited to, diet plans, counselors, attorneys, rehabilitation, benefits, accommodations, TBI community support, and brain boosters. This is the resourceful side of the program.

You are not alone. In 2013, there were...

emergency department visits related to TBI
hospitalizations related to TBI
deaths related to TBI

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