He has a good memory.

Emil suddenly realized that something strange was happening.

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It made Simon bitter.

I hope that you feel better tomorrow.

I didn't endanger your lily-white reputation.

I'm looking for my pen.

Kenton told Varda why he couldn't go to her party.

I didn't drink the milk.

Damn crappy device doesn't work anymore.


She let him go.


They want us to come in right away.

It's a chemistry fundamentals class.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

We're just catching up.

They got married young.

I really don't want to do this.

We think so.


That is the common occurrence in Japan.

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That's a complicated question.

I often catch colds.

In old times the slope was very lonely.


Al was looking out the window.

I saw that you cleaned that nasty pot too!

It's not like you to cry at movies.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring three things, what would they be?

Pratt is parked out front.

He served his master well.

Instead of coming directly home, I took the long way and stopped by the post office.

Mario has no idea who Horst's grandfather is.

Is this what you were searching for?


Don't insult me in company.

Life was not easy in Georgia.

Don't you dare do that again.

I think Tammy wants Florian to notice her.

Nadeem sells fertilizer.

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The lake is completely frozen over.

Is that what you think we should do?

When do you want to leave?


Do you like sci-fi movies?

They have left the car on that street.

Make haste, and you will be in time.

To speak frankly I don't like him.

Growing this thick mustache has taken me quite a while.

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Shaving takes time.

Haven't seen you for ages.

I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.

She's the most beautiful of the three sisters.

Whom did you visit yesterday afternoon?


This isn't really anything new.

She majored in economics.

She complained to me of my small salary.

I cannot help you.

The sunny side of the hill is full of deciduous trees.

Merat didn't want to go back to Boston.

This is the first time I've drunk this.

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I don't know who's in charge of the business.

They searched here and there looking for survivors.

The conference will commence in due course.


She really hates this way of thinking.

I refuse to believe that we can't do anything about the situation.

I wish you a pleasant voyage.


He darkens the room.


We can eliminate C and D since they are irrelevant to the generation of the arcs.


The chocolate cake tempted her even though she was dieting.


That can't be him.

The longer you live, the older you get.

Was there anyone else around?

You let her down.

I like eating Kumul melons.

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What a beauty she is!

You're the one they were telling me about.

I won't forget you.

Many people in the world complain that they don't have time to read.

Who is next?


All right. How many?


Until my coffin closes I will be your faithful spouse.

Here, I want to complete a few low-level implementation details that may be interesting to readers.

Why are you still upset?

If it didn't need to be done, nobody would do this kind of thing.

The government clearly stated its intention to lower taxes.

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The boy peeped in at the window.

Where in Helsinki do you live?

What classes do you teach?

Danny wants to win.

You need to start telling the truth.

Is that musical coming to the West End?

I steal stuff.

While I breathe, I hope.

We're not officially dating.

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There are many wild animals in this area.

My house is here.

I would do anything but that.

Tell Vijay it's not too late to sign up.

What is your favourite word?

It is very easy to ask questions the answers to which, we have the strongest reasons to believe, will never be known to any Human being.

Will you type this, please?

He's as beautiful as the sun.

Catholics could not openly observe their religion.

I really wanted to go.

I wish Kerri were my younger brother.

A parrot can mimic a person's voice.

Chip is staying with you, isn't he?


My father is in his fifties.


The boat is going against the current.

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It would be better to agree to the terms.

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A computer can calculate very rapidly.

Reinhard, I have someone I want you to meet.

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.

So, are you going to tell me who you are?

That's what's going to happen.

This boy slept for eight hours.

There's not much tea left in the pot.


Come on, Benjamin. That's basic math.


I was extremely disappointed to see our national soccer team suffer a historic loss.

She came across the street.

The stress began to tell on his heart.

He likes swimming above all.

Department stores sell numerous things.


The United States is composed of 50 states.

I'm still training Marek.

His weakness cancels out his virtues.


I've never asked you for a favor.

If you don't make it back in time for the meeting, I'll kill you.

Where does he live?

You must do exactly what I tell you.

The man who makes but one mistake a year because he makes but two decisions is wrong fifty per cent of the time.

A tiger has escaped from the zoo.

That was a help.

This imbecile has sharp teeth.

Continue straight ahead.

Some French fries, please.

I intend to go there.

Lowell and Jingbai are really good friends.

Be careful about what you eat.

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Darin is always nice to everyone.

I'm tall.

Our walk was spoiled by the wind and the rain.

You might want to buy one of those.

He said that he takes a walk every day.


What were your teachers like?

You know enough.

Explain it once more, Jerry.


We went to Boston by car.

Credit companies send their customers monthly bills.

Paul happened to meet Dylan at the supermarket.

Get on your horse.

Sergio told me he was planning to move to Boston.

Prime Minister Koizumi is certainly not a cold-blooded man.

Their children will be christened tomorrow.

Horst's condition isn't serious.

The waiter helped the lady with the chair.


Why did you ask for my opinion if you'd already made up your mind anyway?

Who's your favorite fashion model?

Among all cheeses, the one that I like is Camembert. I love its smell because it makes me nostalgic.

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I thought you'd like us.

His comment hit below the belt.

He took care of her child.

Happiness and success in life do not depend on our circumstances, but on our efforts.

I saw Mick kill the neighbor's cat.

He never sees me without complaining about his wife.

How will that be accomplished?


It's Martha's birthday next week.

Olivier has become predictable.

You are asking too much for this car.